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The Liar of Benghazi lectures Trump on the virtues of truthfulness

The headline says it all, really.

susan rice

The Liar of Benghazi

One can never hope to understand exactly why the Washington Post chose to run a Susan Rice op-ed about the national security consequences of presidential deceit. It’s not that I disagree with the points she makes; it’s the hypocrisy, the utter lack of self-awareness, the unmitigated mendacity of a brazen liar presuming to tell the rest of us that, yes, on second thought, lying is bad after all.

It’s the casual assumption of the Left that the public is too stupid to remember that Rice lied on command for Barack Obama or to even know who she is. It’s the tacit admission that they don’t care if people do remember the way she lied multiple times to our faces about the Benghazi attacks.

What further sign to we need that the Democrat party is in complete disarray than that they have to trot out Susan Rice to speak to integrity issues. Sad.

(BTW, with all due respect to the British, whom I love like brothers and sisters, I’m not willing to take at face value, as Rice apparently does – or pretends to do; it’s hard to know for sure because she’s a liar, the statement from their intelligence agency, GCHQ, that they did not surveil Candidate Trump at the behest of the former president.)

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Anthony Weiner, Christian Martyr?

It’s truly astonishing how far the press will go to spin the #weinergate story in their beloved Weiner’s favor. In this one, Richard Cohen of the Washington Post likens being a Christian to being a pervert and suffering the consequences of your own actions to being fed to lions because of your religion.

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I’m Not From Missouri, But Show Me Anyway

So the Washington Post reports “Black lawmakers say ‘tea party’ protesters used racial epithets.”

Black lawmakers said Saturday that “tea party” protesters outside the Capitol hurled racial epithets at Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), a former civil rights leader who was nearly beaten to death during a 1965 march, as he headed out of the building on his way to President Obama’s final health-care rally.

Rep. Andre Carson (D-Ind.), walking next to Lewis after the Obama speech, told reporters that protesters yelled “kill the bill,” then used a racial epithet to describe Carson and Lewis, who is a revered figure on both sides of the aisle. By the time the president spoke, thousands of protesters had gathered south of the Capitol.


Lewis’s office has not yet commented on the matter.

(Apparently the headline writers at the Post can’t be bothered by pesky facts such as, for example, the fact that only one of the black lawmakers named has had anything to say about the alleged incident.)

After watching this video, I’d say that Rep. Carson must have special, slur enhancing ears (is that a super power?) if he could hear a single voice or two shouting racial epithets over the crowd’s chants of “kill the bill.”

Here’s another…I’m not going to say that I envy the Congressmen making that walk – it must have been very unpleasant – but while there’s plenty of jeering and chanting, it’s remarkably epithet-free.

But let me get to my point. If Rep. Carson wants to make accusations of tea party protesters slinging racial slurs, I say”show me.” There were plenty of video cameras around; footage should be available. It’s very, very easy to make specious accusations of racism and they are unfortunately damaging and difficult to disprove.

Truthfully, leftists have relied on the racism charge so heavily as a means to shut up their opposition that it’s lost much of its sting. Still, from now on, if leftists want to cry racism, I say make them prove it.

Update 1: More information on this story from the D.C. Independent Examiner.

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