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Jay Inslee Is A Quitting Quitter

“Winners never quit and quitters never win.” It’s a common motivational saying that at least one Washington politician hasn’t taken to heart.

In a stunning reversal of his oft-repeated assurances that he wouldn’t, Jay Inslee is abandoning his constituents in Washington’s 1st Congressional District. He is resigning his seat effective March 20th to focus on his gubernatorial campaign. By announcing his resignation after the March 6th cutoff date, he spares voters a special election, but hangs his constituents out to dry with no representation in D.C. On one hand, I’m enormously pleased that Inslee will no longer be pimping his green agenda at the national level. On the other hand he’ll no longer be available to ignore my concerns on the occasions I feel compelled to voice them.

It’s not as though the Inslee campaign can’t use a boost. He’s barely ahead in fundraising, despite the fact that his opponent, Washington’s Attorney General Rob McKenna, has been barred as an elected official from any fundraising efforts since the State Legislature convened on November 28th, with only a brief respite between the end of the regular session and the start of the special session*. If the Washington Legislature didn’t regularly fail to conduct their important (i.e. budget) business before considering a plethora of lesser issues, it would be enough to make you think the current special session was a ploy by State Democrats to hamper McKenna’s campaign.

It’s hard to see how bailing out on his constituents will help Inslee’s campaign, but, hey, if that’s what he wants to do, I hope he doesn’t let the Congressional door hit him on his way out.

*McKenna’s campaign raised over $250,000 in the three days between sessions. If you’d like to donate to his campaign, register to receive updates to be notified when fundraising is once again open.

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James Watkins-Jay Inslee Debate (WA-01)

Video of the entire debate from Monday, October 18, 2010.

Part 1/11; Opening Statements

Part 2/11; Is Inslee going to run for Governor?

Part 3/11; Taxes

Part 4/11; Earmarks

Part5/11; Immigration and Term Limits

Part 6/11; Jobs

Part 7/11; Health Care

Part 8/11; Wall Street Reform

Part 9/11; Social Security

Part 10/11; Special Interests

Part 11/11; Global Warming


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Pants On FIRE!

Would Jay Inslee even recognize the truth if it walked up and punched him in the nose? Which is sort of what it did this week when he lied about his reason for missing a ceremony to rename a post office for local Medal of Honor recipient Bud Hawk.

Giving credit where credit is due, Inslee was responsible for passing the legislation renaming the post office, but when it came down to showing some personal gratitude and respect for Mr. Hawk’s extraordinary heroism, Inslee was M.I.A.

Inslee asserts on tape that he was in Washington, D.C.

“I don’t know if my opponent understands what it means to carry the hopes and dreams of the 650,000 people I represent to Washington, D.C., but it means standing up for them every single day and that is what I do.


I honored Bud Hawk by passing a bill and I honored you by voting in Washington, D.C.”

Congressman Inslee was most certainly not voting on the day in question, February 26, 2010. A quick check of Congressional records shows that Inslee missed all six roll call votes taken that day.

So how does Congressman Inslee stand up for me when he’s not in the other Washington voting? Apparently by speaking at a luncheon of local business leaders. You know, the kind of people who can make big contributions to his gubernatorial campaign. The takeaway here is that Inslee’s willing to honor vets…as along as it doesn’t get in the way of some quality face time with potential donors.

It may be the case the Congressman Inslee wasn’t lying intentionally. It may be the case that this ceremony honoring Bud Hawk was so insignificant to the Congressman that he just didn’t remember what he was doing that day, but is that really any better?

James Watkins for Congress


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James Watkins Speaks at Tea Party

James Watkins spoke at Everett’s Tax Day Tea Party. Watkins is running against far-left extremist Jay Inslee in WA-01.

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Speaking Out Against Charges Of Racism

“This movement isn’t just about taxes and it has nothing to do with the color of the President’s skin. It is about returning this country to the principles of limited government, free markets and individual rights that our Founding Fathers intended.”

Jennifer Burke speaking at Seattle's 2010 Tax Day Tea Party

Jennifer Burke is the wife of Matthew Burke, candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington’s 1st district. She is the youngest of 6 from a working class family. She is originally from the great state of Texas. A graduate of Texas A&M University, she has a degree in Psychology and has lifetime teacher certification in Texas. Jennifer taught Math, History and Speech Communications to 5th through 8th graders for 11 years. She is mom to 3 kids and 4 dogs.

She’s also a newly minted Tea Party activist. Recently, Jennifer had this to say about charges that the Tea Party movement is racist.

“The Tea Party movement has been wrongly and unfairly characterized as a racist movement. As evidence of this, detractors of the movement like to point out that there are very few people of color involved in Tea Party activities. I believe that the reason there are not many people of color in the movement is due to a misunderstanding of what the movement represents. I also believe that minority groups have been taken in by the distortions and misrepresentations that are reported in the media and disseminated by a Democratic Party that is feeling very threatened.

This movement isn’t just about taxes and it has nothing to do with the color of the President’s skin. It is about returning this country to the principles of limited government, free markets and individual rights (granted by God, not the government) that our Founding Fathers intended.

I was drawn to the Tea Party Movement as I watched the core integrity of my country being pulled away at a rapid rate. Granted, we had been on a slippery slope for quite some time, but 2009 was a full speed, head on attack on the principles, values, history, and citizens of this country. On election night, I was astounded that so many Americans fell for the picture the media painted of Obama as a centrist. I paid attention to the truths that came out about his background and affiliations. When looking at what he stood for, his voting record as a Senator, things he’d said, and what he’d done in the past, I knew he was not a centrist, but rather a radical leftist. It disappointed me greatly when I heard people speak about how the election of Obama was a realization of the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. My belief is that his election was quite the opposite; contrary to the vision of Dr. King. If America truly judged this man by the content of his character and not the color of his skin, then all controversies surrounding his past would not have been denounced as racist. Nearly every argument against him both during the campaign and since the election have been denounced as racist. There is a movement to silence the voice of the people by defaming them.

The Democratic policies to expand the welfare state and grow government do not help. It simply keeps people stuck in a place in which many can no longer see their way out. When you have generational welfare with even the youngest believing that is their lot in life, a thought process that I worked hard to counter in my years as a teacher, then there is a problem. Couple those policies with their constant use of class warfare and race baiting and you have not a party or President seeking bi-partisan solutions in an attempt to bring the country together, but a party and President seeking to pit Americans against each other using clearly partisan tactics.

I felt that I had to address these attacks on the Tea Party movement. To ignore their attacks would simply help perpetuate their stereotype and allow them to silence and shame us into submission. The fact that there have been many vocally criticizing this attack on the Tea Party movement as itself being racist has caused the left to pivot and search for yet another claim to make. Now, the attack being made is that this movement is one of sedition. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of sedition is incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority. If it is seditious to expect that our government leaders will follow the Constitution, then we have a problem here in America. Contrary to what many, including our president, would like you to believe, the Constitution is not a ‘living and breathing document.’ That idea is being pushed for the sole purpose of transforming this country into a place that is completely counter to what the Founding Fathers intended. The people that came before us did not go through everything they did for us to slip quietly into the night and become another European society.”

To for more information about Matthew Burke, visit his campaign Web site.


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WA-01 Candidate Matthew Burke Speaks At Tea Party

Matthew Burke is running for Congress in Washington’s 1st Congressional District, a seat currently held by far-left extremist Jay Inslee. He addressed a Tax Day Tea Party in Bellevue, Washington, on April 15th.

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McKenna Endorses James Watkins in WA-01

James Watkins

From the Watkins campaign:

Attorney General Rob McKenna has endorsed James Watkins in Watkins’ bid to unseat 1st District Congressman Jay Inslee.

“James has the real-world experience and solid principles to be a great congressman working for the 1st District,” said McKenna. “He will make a big difference in D.C. and help put our nation on a better path.”

“Rob McKenna is a great public servant and a good man, and I’m so proud to have his endorsement,” said Watkins.  “His support not only means a lot to me personally, but also to this campaign.

“We’ve shown that Congressman Inslee is vulnerable, and Congressman Inslee has shown us that he’s not terribly interested in being the 1st District’s representative, but is already itching to start his 2012 campaign for governor.  (See here and here)

“With the support of Attorney General McKenna and people throughout the 1st District who want change in Washington, D.C., I look forward to retiring Mr. Inslee this November so he can devote himself full-time to seeking yet another political office.”

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No. Safe. Dems.

None at all.

Congressman Jay Inslee won re-election in 2008 with 68% of the vote. It looks as though he won’t be having such an easy time of it in 2010. A poll of WA-01 released yesterday by James Watkins’ campaign shows Inslee to be more vulnerable than this WA-01 resident had previously had the audacity to hope.

You may remember me wondering back in August how Inslee has managed to pass himself off as a moderate. The answer is that he apparently hasn’t had to do anything; his constituents don’t have any idea what he’s been doing back in D.C. Of course that’s just the sort of complacency that got us to where we’re at today but the upside is that it also means that there’s the potential to change people’s minds. With 2/3 of district residents describing themselves as fiscal conservatives, Inslee’s own record is going to be a powerful tool.

Update 1: More from Liz Mair.


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Most Excellent News For WA-01

We have a contest; James Watkins, a Redmond entrepreneur, announced today that he is a candidate for Jay Inslee’s Congressional seat. Says Watkins:

I’m running against career office-seeker Jay Inslee because we can’t afford him any more.  His voting record in Washington, D.C., shows he’s lost touch with our values.

We’re at a moment of clarity in our country. We the People are paying attention and following our representatives’ votes very carefully. We won’t let professional politicians like Congressman Inslee get away with voting for massive spending, bigger government and less freedom – and then come home and tell voters they’re looking out for us.

Congress is spending our nation into a black hole.  They’re burdening us – and our children – with a crushing debt.  They’re doing nothing to improve the economy or stimulate true job creation – in fact, they’re making things worse.

Instead of passing massive tax and regulatory burdens that kill jobs, Congress should create and foster an environment that encourages innovation, investment and job growth.

More from his press release:

Watkins said his career in the private sector will be put to good use in Congress.  Currently a business development consultant for entrepreneurial startups and small businesses, he has spent 15 years in and around Microsoft as a partner, consultant and employee.  Most recently, he spent five years at Microsoft running an internal startup business helping independent retailers compete against the mega-chains.  Watkins has a long history of growing businesses and creating value, has won the Microsoft Partner of the Year Award and earned his MBA from George Washington University.

“I have a strong sense of service, a proven record of problem-solving and the leadership ability to get things done,” he said.  “And unlike so many of the politicians in Congress, including Congressman Inslee, who have spent nearly all their adult lives on the government payroll, I know what it takes to create prosperity and private sector jobs.”
Watkins added that he is looking for support across the political spectrum.

“In times of crisis, Americans need to pull together,” he said.  “That’s why I’ll be asking Republicans, Democrats, Independents and any voters who feel like they don’t have a voice to help me get our country back on track and restore the American Dream.”

You can learn more about Watkins at his website, www.watkinsforcongress.com and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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So Much For Contacting My Congressman

Here’s a comment from Jay Inslee’s health care townhall meeting in Edmonds, Washington, that doesn’t really have anything to do with health care.

Um, so, first of all, I wanted to say thank you to Jay Inslee personally because I always appreciate that you always write people back when they email you.

I’m just going to say that this woman has very low standards for what constitutes “writing back.” I’ve contacted Congressman Inslee on numerous occasions and, as I mentioned here, his responses bear more resemblance to self-serving campaign literature than any sincere attempt to engage in debate with his constituents.

Even taking this into consideration, the e-mail I received from the good Congressman yesterday is definitely a prize-winner for out-of-touch communications. I few weeks ago, I contacted Congressman Inslee via e-mail to voice my opposition to H.R. 3200.

The Honorable Jay Inslee
United States Representative
403 Cannon HOB
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Representative Inslee:

I’m contacting you today to voice my strong opposition to H.R 3200. My research leads me to believe that this legislation would accomplish very little of what it claims to do in terms of controlling costs and making affordable, quality care available to more people.

Additionally, it appears to be likely that provisions of the bill would lead to many companies choosing to discontinue offering health care coverage, forcing many people into the government option, despite claims to the contrary.

I’m asking that you oppose H.R. 3200.

It’s Only Words
##### ##th Ave SE
Snohomish, WA  98296

Inslee’s response:

Ms. It’s Only Words
##### ##th Avenue SE
Snohomish, Washington 98296

Dear Ms. Words:

Thank you for contacting me regarding H.R. 3200, America’s Affordable Health Choices Act, and to express your support for health care reform.  I appreciate hearing from you.

I would like you to know that I have been strongly supportive of President Obama’s public health insurance option throughout the health care reform process, and I also concur with our President that we have a unique opportunity to bring real reform….

Please continue to contact me about the issues that concern you, as I both need and welcome your thoughts and ideas. I encourage you to contact me via email, telephone, or fax, because security measures in the House cause delays in receiving postal mail. For more information on my activities in Congress, and for information on services that my office can provide, please visit my website at http://www.house.gov/inslee. If you would like to subscribe to my email updates, please visit http://www.house.gov/inslee/signup.htm.

Very Truly Yours,


Member of Congress

Even though I do favor some sort of health care reform, I explicitly did not mention that in my e-mail to Inslee because I wanted to be very clear in my total opposition to H.R. 3200. It appears that was a wise move. If even my short e-mail could be construed by Inslee (or his staff) as supporting health care reform, one can only wonder what they might have deduced if I’d said anything even slightly in favor. Check out that first paragraph; he appreciates “hearing” from me but I have to wonder if anyone actually read my e-mail.  I’m guessing that by Inslee’s reckoning, 99% of his constituents favor reform, with 90% backing. H.R. 3200.

The tone deaf opening paragraph was followed up with a lengthy description of Inslee’s valiant efforts to enact a public option; rectify some Medicare pay inequities; establish Accountable Care Organizations; eliminate co-pays for preventive care; enact a variety of other measures; and bind Jay Inslee as tightly as possible to Barack Obama, but nothing which addressed my concerns in a substantive way.

Then, to conclude, he invites me to contact him any time! Yes, I’ll get on that because I’m sure not feeling like every minute I spend writing to to you is a complete and total waste of my time, Jay.

I understand that Congressman Inslee is very busy and his staff is very busy but let’s be honest…these are all boilerplate responses. The fact that the “response” I received doesn’t seem to be appropriate makes it appear as though no one is even giving their correspondence a cursory review. If they were, why wouldn’t my opposition to H.R. 3200 have been acknowledged?

Congressman Inslee needs to remember who pays his salary and provides him with an office and a staff and the next time his employer calls, faxes or e-mails, he needs to actually know why they are contacting him before he responds. Otherwise, why should we bother?

Update, 11/23/09: My Twitter friend, @chuck_dizzle, is having the same problem with his Congressman, Earl Pomeroy. He also pointed me in the direction of this video from last September. I completely understand how this woman feels.


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