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In Which First Contact Goes Horribly Awry

First Contact: Not the desired outcome

I had an interesting encounter on Twitter this morning, that could surely be used as a case study for alienating people who should be your allies.

Let me preface this by saying that @jimmiebjr is one of my oldest and dearest Twitter friends. In fact, he registered for Twitter the same day as I and was probably one of my first follows. He was unfailingly helpful to me as a new blogger, and still is a source of support and encouragement. So when this turned up in my timeline, you can imagine that I was a little put out.

Okay, I’ve never seen you before and not only do you show up in my timeline, insulting a friend, but you toss in some minor vulgarity to boot. And here’s where it all goes…weird. Mute? Huh? Until April? This apparently means “block,” but not before shooting off a couple of self-righteous DMs. Whoa! Way to overreact! And call names! And condescend! Tell me this. Am I crazy, or did he not involve me by including me in an @ reply? And really, what was the point of including me, other than to try and make Jimmie look bad in front of his friends? How childish is that? Honestly, I don’t even know what their debate was all about. I was just objecting to him insinuating himself into my consciousness by insulting a friend. Talk about being an a**hole…Pot! Meet! Kettle!

Here’s a tip for Mr. Crabbypants. If you don’t want people to respond to you, don’t include them in your @ replies. And if they do reply, don’t quote Scripture to them to try to shame them for participating in a conversation into which you invited them. I believe this is all covered in Social Media 98: Remedial Twitter. Oh, and another thing. Blocking people for having the temerity to point out your own rudeness? Not the best way to maximize your network.

Zefram Cochrane would be turning over in his grave. You know, if he were born yet. So the next time you approach someone for the first time, how about a simple “Live long and prosper.” You’ll be better for it.

(Of course Mr. Crabbypants will never see this post because – hey! – he blocked me. And he’ll continue to wonder why people accuse him of being condescending.)

Update: It appears that Mr. Crabbypants’ awkward use of social media puts him in good company. In fact, Chapstick gets it so wrong, they actually make him look good. I hope they’re not actually, you know, paying anyone good money to update their Facebook for them.

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Yet Another Woman Comes Forward to Accuse Herman Cain

Oh, wait…it was a TSA agent. Sorry; it’s hard to tell the difference between what happened to Tabitha Hale yesterday at the Houston airport and what Herman Cain’s been accused of.

She started by asking me to take my cardigan off. I said I’d rather not. She seemed put out, but didn’t make me remove it and began the pat down from behind. She made me lift up my cardigan to check my back, went into my sleeves, and touched every inch of my hair.

Then she got to my waist band. I had on black tights under my dress, which I’m certain is not uncommon. She asked me to lift my dress so she could check the waistband of my tights.

I felt my stomach drop. I said “I’m not lifting my dress for you. No way.” She was obviously irritated with me now and said that she would take me to the private screening area if I would like.

I said “No, absolutely not. If you can’t do this in front of everyone, you should not be doing this to me.”

She then called a manager over. The manager approached me and explained what they were going to do and that if I failed to comply, they would escort me from the airport. I told her I saw no reason that they should have to lift my dress to clear me to get on a plane. I would have, however, allowed them to escort me out of the airport before they got me to lift my skirt and stick their hands down my tights. I was bracing myself to spend another night in Texas.

She sensed the rebellion in me, and it was almost like they were punishing me for not just lifting my dress and making their lives easier. She checked every inch of my neckline, sticking her fingers between my breasts because she needed to “clear” the (very slight) ruffle.

They cleared the waistband of my tights through my dress, then made me put one leg forward at a time so they could get better “definition of my thigh.” She then proceded to pat down every inch of me, all the way up to my crotch. And yes, she used that word. Twice.

You  have to wonder about the thought process of the TSA agent. Why did she find the waistband of a pair of tights so problematic? Seriously, what could you conceal under this waistband?

It’s not as though the waistband is bulky; on the contrary, it’s comparable to the waistband on a pair of panty hose and much less so than that of a pair of granny panties. Are TSA agents reaching down inside the pants of elderly women to check those out? I doubt it; I mean, where’s the fun in accosting old people unless you can leave someone soaked in urine?

Moving on from that, did she really expect that Tabitha would lift her dress in public? Have other women done so when requested?

Speaking as the mother of a (dare I say it?) beautiful and shapely young woman who flies across the country several times a year, I find this very disturbing. I fail to see any pressing security concerns centered around the almost non-existant waistband of a pair of tights. TSA refuses to take steps that would actually improve airline safety, such as skipping over toddlers of the WASP persuasion to focus on people who might actually be terrorists.

Instead, U.S. citizens are being systematically desensitized to clear violations of their 4th Amendment rights and told it’s for their own good. Personally, I don’t see what good can come of it.

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The Ugly Face of Union Labor

When I was growing up, boys were taught that gentlemen didn’t strike ladies or lay their hands on them in a rough manner, the assumption being that everyone desired, or should desire, to grow up to be a gentleman or a lady.

Back in the day, there were no exceptions that would have made breaking these gentlemanly strictures acceptable, and the only boys who would do so were the ones from the wrong side of the tracks; that sad group of families who were not just poor, but also impoverished, if you understand my meaning.

Fast forward to this guy – roughly my contemporary – and watch as he assaults my friend, Tabitha Hale, in public, in broad daylight.

I realize that teaching children to behave like gentlemen and ladies may be viewed as quaint and somewhat passé, but really, this guy is old enough to know better. Not only did he lay his hands on a woman, he doubled down on the ungentlemanly behavior by failing to accept responsibility for his own actions.

I’d often wondered what happened to some of those boys I grew up with…the ones who survived the drugs and the bar fights and the toll that fast living can take. Now I know; they became union thugs.

Read Tabitha’s first-hand account of her experience.

Update 1: Glenn Beck interviews Tabitha Hale.


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Haters On The Left

You may have heard that voice over actor Lance Baxter, also known as D.C. Douglas, lost his contract with Geico after leaving a voicemail for FreedomWorks in which he asked, “the percentage of people that are mentally retarded who are working for FreedomWorks and who are following it.”

Now some people on the left feel quite strongly about poor Mr. Baxter and his loss of prospects so they called FreedomWorks to voice their protests the best way they knew how.

Tabitha Hale was tasked with the pleasant job of sifting through the voice mails, and she kindly put together a video so we can better understand how the leftists think and just how hurt and upset they are by the injustice done to poor Mr. Baxter.

WARNING: Graphic language. This video is not for the faint-hearted or prudish.

In typical leftist fashion, rather than, you know, blaming his own bad behavior for the lost of his contract, Baxter blamed FreedomWorks – of course he did! – and also pretended to be oh-so-offended by the calls he received from “Dick Armey’s Army of Dicks.” Yeah. Like that’s not offensive but try not to be distracted by that bit of juvenile “humor,” which I’d expect from a 17 year old but not an adult.

Listen to the calls Baxter received and compare them to the calls received at FreedomWorks. I think you’ll notice that the voice mails in one of the videos are “a bit” more vulgar than those in the other.

(I’m not trying to excuse bad behavior on the right and any large movement will attract some people who would be better left at home.  Some of the signs depicted in the video are in very poor taste but others are clearly racist only if you view the world through black-and-white-colored glasses and others are clearly more bluster than threat. It’s also good to be aware that Obama isn’t the first U.S. President to be compared to Hitler. Some U.S. Presidents have even been protested with signs wishing for or even depicting their deaths! Imagine!)

Here’s a video portfolio of Lance Baxter’s work, just in case you’re in a position to help him out with some work. Or you want to boycott companies who work with him. Either one.

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