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Opportunity Lost – Update

As I mentioned in my post, Opportunity Lost, a few days ago I e-mailed the Snohomish County Republicans in disgust over the sorry state of their website. I was looking for inspiration and an action plan and all I found was pre-election news.

After having received no response, this morning I e-mailed a few people on the Executive Committee individually; one responded. Here’s what I found out.

  1. The county GOP was nearly broke at the beginning of this election cycle. Donations were down and the financial situation is so critical, they may have to close the county office and temporarily disband.
  2. Volunteer turnout was dismal. Due to lack of enthusiasm in the base, only about 35% of the county GOP objectives were achieved.
  3. Ron Paul “libertarian extremists” continue to try to “take over” the county GOP. If that were to happen, traditional donors would cease any support for the party at the county level.
  4. The sorry state of the current website is caused from a hacker attack last summer, which shut down the previous website and sabotaged it to such an extent that it is still not functional. It cannot be repaired due to lack of financial resources. The current website is the best they can do until funds are available to repair the other site.
  5. My prior e-mail went unanswered because their e-mail system is shut down, due to late payments to the internet provider.
  6. The state GOP is in somewhat better condition financially but the Rossi loss may cause a sharp drop off in donations statewide.

Disclaimer: This information comes from a single source who is not personally known to me. Therefore, I can’t vouch for the accuracy of all the statements.

Even if the above is only partially true, the outlook for Republicans in Snohomish County is grim. The person I spoke to feels that the root problem is lack of strong party leadership at every level. How many other county organizations in strongly blue states are in the same condition?

I am at a complete loss on how to proceed. I want to do something and I’m enough of a political neophyte to need someone to tell me what that is.

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