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When Interest Groups Collide

I’ve got beer, who’s bringing the popcorn?

H/T Tabitha Hale

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The Ugly Face of Union Labor

When I was growing up, boys were taught that gentlemen didn’t strike ladies or lay their hands on them in a rough manner, the assumption being that everyone desired, or should desire, to grow up to be a gentleman or a lady.

Back in the day, there were no exceptions that would have made breaking these gentlemanly strictures acceptable, and the only boys who would do so were the ones from the wrong side of the tracks; that sad group of families who were not just poor, but also impoverished, if you understand my meaning.

Fast forward to this guy – roughly my contemporary – and watch as he assaults my friend, Tabitha Hale, in public, in broad daylight.

I realize that teaching children to behave like gentlemen and ladies may be viewed as quaint and somewhat passé, but really, this guy is old enough to know better. Not only did he lay his hands on a woman, he doubled down on the ungentlemanly behavior by failing to accept responsibility for his own actions.

I’d often wondered what happened to some of those boys I grew up with…the ones who survived the drugs and the bar fights and the toll that fast living can take. Now I know; they became union thugs.

Read Tabitha’s first-hand account of her experience.

Update 1: Glenn Beck interviews Tabitha Hale.


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