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No Bounds On Uncivil Discourse

It appears that liberals, if they were to be so foolish as not to abort a Down Syndrome child, would keep said child at home, locked in a closet, apparently, to preclude any possibility of offending their liberal friends with the distasteful sight. What other reason could there be for their persistent characterization of Sarah Palin’s insistence on including her son, Trig, in her daily activities as “waving that retard of hers around like a flag.”

Honestly, these people are disgusting excuses for human beings.


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In Which Dave Weigel Pimps For Joe McGinniss

Dave Weigel wants to pretend that Joe McGinniss’s highly unflattering novel non-fiction work about Sarah Palin, The Rogue is selling well with first week sales of 6,000 and I guess by some standards it is. I mean, it’s definitely selling better than the one I haven’t written yet. It’s also selling better thanĀ another Palin-basher, Deer in the Headlights, by that rising literary star and high school drop-out, Levi Johnston but – WOW – talk about setting a low bar!

So let’s compare it to a book that had awesome sales it’s first week, Going Rogue: An American Life by Sarah Palin. Going Rogue sold over 700,000 copies it’s first week. Even Palin’s second book, America by Heart, the sales of which The Washington Post described as “lackluster” sold nearly 145,000 in it’s first three weeks (sorry, I couldn’t find the first week number) and I’m thinking that probably works out to “a few” more than 6,000 in the first week.

So I guess Weigel can try to spin it any way he wants but for a prominent author like McGinniss and a subject as provocative as Sarah Palin, I’d say The Rogue is a bomb.

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What Do Joe McGuiness And The Chevy Volt Have In Common?

I’m not sure, but I think this makes Joe McGinnis the Chevy Volt of authors; over-hyped and not nearly as eagerly anticipated as we were led to believe. I’m sure McGinnis will find some way to blame this on Sarah Palin because, well, why not? I mean, this is a guy is a creepy stalker who moved in next door to his victims, forcing them to build a 14 foot fence to stop him from peering into their daughter’s bedroom, then had the nerve to complain that people were hanging around outside his rental house, snapping pictures of him. So I’m thinking there’s no reason to expect rational thought.

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Consider The Irony

See update below.

Consider the irony of a man who would freak out if anyone were to dare to judge his sexual behavior…judging the sexual behavior of others and casually tossing out sexual slurs as if there would be no consequences. (And judging from the other bar patrons, there would have been none had Bristol not chosen to respond.)

More on this from The Other McCain.

Update 1: Ace and I, we’re on the same page. Yeah, we’re tight.

So it seems this loser has issued an apology, spoken like the true lawyer he is; all the right words, no real sense of human emotion. The Blaze thinks he bucked under media pressure; I think his mother got on YouTube.

Also, Bristol has something to say about the matter.


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Barbara Walters Goes Off The Deep End

Barbara, you know I love you like a sister, but you're killing me here!

According to Barbara Walters, Sarah Palin’s bus tour of U.S. historic sites is as ethically questionable as Anthony Weiner’s digital indiscretions. You know it’s bad when Joy Behar feels compelled to defend Palin.

Oh, Barbara, how low you’ve fallen.


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Calling Something Satire Doesn’t Magically Make It So

Do you like how I cleverly worked in a photo of Todd Palin? Oh, and look, there's li'l Trig up there, too!

Back in June of 2009 there was a dust up involving David Letterman and a questionable joke he made concerning Sarah Palin’s daughter, Willow. At the time, I thought I could be of help to Mr. Letterman by providing him with a few simple guidelines he could use to determine if his jokes were falling outside the bounds of propriety.

In light of Jack Stuef’s incredibly crass and callous Wonkette column* in “honor” of Trig Palin’s birthday, I considered updating the test for his benefit. Sadly, after careful thought, I decided that it probably wasn’t worth my time. Judging by this column, I’m guessing he doesn’t care what anyone thinks about what he says or does or what kind of person he is. He might care, though, about what people think of him as a writer.

This wasn’t the best piece of political satire I’ve ever read. <—Understatement.

In fact, when I read it the first time, I didn’t even realize it was supposed to be satire; it just seemed like a mean-spirited rambling attack-by-proxy on Sarah Palin. For me – and I think for most decent people – the piece was missing an important satirical element. You know…the humor. I feel safe saying that the vast majority of people don’t find it funny when a grown man verbally assaults a toddler…and a disabled toddler at that. And let me just say right here that if you found the piece humorous in any way, you should probably engage in some serious soul searching because there is something seriously wrong with your soul. Yes, Mr. Stuef, I’m talkin’ to you.

Something else was missing, too…a clearly elucidated point. I had to find out by reading elsewhere that the purpose of the column was to mock Palins “well-documented” use of li’l Trig as a political prop. Now I’ll grant that this prop angle was mentioned once in the column, but since none of the presumably supporting links and graphics actually supported that point, well, yeah. I missed it. Anyway, I’m not buying that Stuef really cares about Trig Palin at all, because what does this column do if not exploit Trig to make a political point?

(And since someone else brought it up, I’d love to have someone explain to me how Trig Palin is any more of a prop than Sasha and Malia Obama…say when their mother used them to promote her anti-obesity initiative?)

All in all, a poor outing for Mr. Stuef. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that if this is the best he can do, I hope he has a Plan B.

*I didn’t intend to link the Wonkette piece here; hey, they don’t deserve the traffic but I hear now that it’s been removed. Not to worry! Warner Todd Huston, writing at Red County, has reproduced it in its entirety. Good luck, Mr. Stuef, if you ever want to apply for a job that requires good judgment or common decency.


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