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A Piece Of Advice For The President

I was wrong, as is made obvious from these photographs. Read more details here. My apologies to President Obama. This time.

“We’re going to raise the bar for all our students and take bigger steps toward closing the achievement gap”

Who says this kind of stuff to sixth graders, anyway?

That would be our President, who chose to announce his proposal to expand (read that “spend more money…lots of it”) his Race to the Top initiative at a Falls Church, Virginia, elementary school.

Here’s my tip for the President: If  you must have children as a backdrop for your photo op, do them a kindness and try not to bore them to death in the process.

H/T Dan Riehl

Update 1: TOTUS accompanied POTUS to the elementary school, along with the LOTUS (Lectern of the United States).


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