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Words Weekly Wrap-Up: 10/17/10 through 10/23/10

Vandals Support Democrats

Bending the Cost Curve…Up

Thanks, Patty…Way To Boost The Economy

Learn About Politics And Support Patty Murray!

Governor Jay Inslee?

Tremble, Washington! Evil Right-Wing Plots Are Afoot in LD-1

How The Hell Did Paul Krugman Get To Be So Stupid?

Pants On FIRE!

The New Puritans Strike Again

James Watkins / Jay Inslee Debate (10/18/10)

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The New Puritan Seal of Approval

This swimwear has received the New Puritan Seal of Approval for use by Republican women. If only Scott Brown had know before allowing this scandalous family photo to be snapped.

If anyone with mad Photoshop skillz can come up with a better seal, I’d be much obliged.

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