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Which Is Dumber…

Rick Sanchez or a box of rocks? It’s hard to decide.

While covering the volcanic eruption in Iceland this week, Sanchez wondered out loud if it wasn’t just a bit too cold there for a volcano. Seriously. You cannot make this stuff up.

And what was that bit about Hawaii and long names? Isn’t Reykjavik long enough for him? I think its length compares favorably with, say Mauna Loa or Maunka Kea.

Of course Sanchez says he was making a joke. Maybe he was and maybe he wasn’t; if not, it wouldn’t be the first time he said something on air to make you wonder about his I.Q.

Like the time he had trouble getting his head around just exactly who was marching in the March for Life.

Or when he let on that the metric system is really just a little too complicated for him.

(Wait…did he really say the “yang of that yin?” And is he always that rude? What’s up with that anyway?)

Poor Rick. I feel just a little bit bad for picking on him so to make up for it, I’m going to give him some career advice if he ever leaves CNN.

So, hey, Rick! I hear Hank Johnson’s looking for a new staffer. I think you and the Congressman will really hit it off.

Update 1: Sanchez misidentifies the Galapagos Islands as Hawaii…and gets confirmation from the meteorologist. Is a sub-normal IQ a job requirement at CNN?


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