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Are You Smarter Than A Law Student?

Sandra Fluke: Stupid or just "too good" to shop at Walmart?

It would seem that Georgetown University has very low standards for law school admissions. Sandra Fluke is a case in point. Ms. Fluke testified last week that many female law students of her acquaintance were going broke buying birth control, spending up to $3,000 over the course of their three-year tenure in law school.

Apparently Ms. Fluke is too stupid to discover, as I did in a 30-second internet search, that the much-maligned retailer, Walmart, offers several different types of birth control pills for $4 a month. My math skills are admittedly weak, but by my calculations, that totals $48 over the course a year or $144 over three years. I’d be willing to bet that most of those financially-struggling co-eds spend $48 a month on fancy coffee drinks from Starbucks.

In small towns all across the United States, people who Ms. Fluke undoubtedly scorns as uneducated, poorly dressed, red-necked yokels are acquiring birth control pills for $4 a month, while she and her oh-so-clever law school friends are claiming to pay a little more than $83 for products that serve the same purpose. Who looks stupid now?

Update: Oh, look, what a surprise. As it turns out, Ms. Fluke isn’t a 23-year-old co-ed after all. More on this later.


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