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Everything Clint Didier Needs To Know About Dino Rossi

Everyone knows by now that Clint Didier, despite having made it very clear during the primary season that he would support the GOP nominee, whomever it might be (and knowing that it could very well be Dino Rossi), has withheld his endorsement from said nominee. Rather than getting wholeheartedly behind Rossi, Didier chose to enumerate three conditions upon which his endorsment would be based.

I understand the issues involved are important to Didier – heck, they’re important to me! – but I think he may be failing to see the forest for the trees. (I wanted to use some really clever football lingo there, but, yeah. I don’t know anything about football.) So let me clear things up for Clint a bit and tell him everything he needs to know about Dino Rossi in order to feel good about an endorsement.

Here it is in a nutshell:

He’s not Patty Murray.

Yes, it really is that simple. Sure, we’d all prefer to vote for a candidate who shares all of our views and excites us with fiery rhetoric, but in the absence of that, we have to act like adults and ask ourselves, “What’s better? Something or nothing?”


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Patty Murray Looks Weak In New Polling

According to a new Rasmussen poll:

Democratic incumbent Patty Murray still falls just short of 50% support in match-ups with five potential GOP rivals in Washington State’s race for the U.S. Senate.

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of likely voters in the state shows Murray earning 45% to 48% of the vote, down just slightly from a month ago. She runs best – with 48% support – against her two strongest GOP challengers, Dino Rossi and State Senator Don Benton. Incumbents who earn less than 50% support at this point in a campaign are viewed as vulnerable.

Are these latest numbers, which show Rossi polling behind Murray,  going to push “Dunno Dino” (thanks, @ElkMom) in or out?

Also notable:

  • Akers, Didier and Widener all poll at 37% but Murray polls slightly lower against Akers (within the margin of error).
  • Barring any unforseen revelations, there’s not much room for movement in the Rossi/Murray and Benton/Murray matchups.
  • The Akers/Murray matchup shows slightly more room for movement than the matchups against Didier and Widener (again, within the margin of error).
  • Murray’s lead over Rossi is within the margin of error.

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An Excess Of Candidates

We have so many GOP candidates for U.S. Senate here in Washington that I can honestly say I’m not sure that I can name all of them. Off the top of my head (in alphabetical order):

Do you see who’s missing? That would be Dino Rossi, the non-candidate who puts so much fear into Patty Murray that she has sicced her DSCC attack dogs on one of her constituents. Nice. Way to represent, Patty.

There’s a lot of speculation about Rossi; will he run, won’t he run, will he run, won’t he run, will he, won’t he….

Honestly, the entire state is in a state. A state of limbo, that is. This far into the election cycle, Rossi’s indecision begins to seem like one of two things: timidity (I just need a few more polls showing me in the lead…what was that noise!?!) or arrogance (Hey! I’m the Rossi! I can get in any time and voters will flock to my banner.). Either way, he’s doing a disservice to the to the voters and to the candidates who have been willing to make a commitment.

Looking back at that list, you may notice Rossi’s not the only thing missing from the list of candidates. With the exception of Don Benton, the candidates are entirely lacking in political experience. To be honest, I don’t think that’s going to be a huge issue this campaign cycle – anti-incumbent sentiment is running high – but also absent is state-wide name recognition.

Now I’ve been told that you can buy name recognition but that doesn’t come cheap. Sure, the candidates are making the rounds of Lincoln Day Dinners and candidate forums, but in the end, they need name recognition outside that relatively exclusive group. To build that kind of name recognition, candidates need cash and I suspect the latest campaign finance reports will show our candidates are starving for cash.

Voters are highly motivated but you can’t blame them for waiting to see what Rossi decides before opening their purse strings. Who wants to make a hefty donation to a candidate who’ll be knocked out of the running by a late entry?

It’s time for Rossi to put an end to the speculation one way or another, whether to free up campaign funds and volunteers for other candidates or snap them up for his own campaign. Or just shoot us and put us out of our misery.

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Tossing Their Hats In The Ring

I may not be a genius, but I don’t think you need to use rocket science to conclude that Chris Widener will make his Senate run official tomorrow morning.

Patty Murray is the Senate’s most liberal legislator. Her lifetime ACU rating is 2.92, barely above Jim McDermott’s 2.52. But – get this – in 2008, Murray scored zero. She must be replaced.

Look for Clint Didier’s announcement on January 11th.

It’s my belief that the primary will be a contest between these two candidates, unless someone with huge name recognition expert fund-raising skills enters the race late.

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