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No Bounds On Uncivil Discourse

It appears that liberals, if they were to be so foolish as not to abort a Down Syndrome child, would keep said child at home, locked in a closet, apparently, to preclude any possibility of offending their liberal friends with the distasteful sight. What other reason could there be for their persistent characterization of Sarah Palin’s insistence on including her son, Trig, in her daily activities as “waving that retard of hers around like a flag.”

Honestly, these people are disgusting excuses for human beings.


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Knowing What’s Important

How perverted has feminism become – even the name of the movement implies, wrongly, it seems, a celebration of all things feminine – when a simple, spontaneous and beautiful expression reflecting the joy of becoming a mother could be considered wrong or controversial?

Read what Alexa Shrugged has to say about it.

Congratulations to Ms. Portman on her Oscar win and for understanding, even in the midst of the Hollywood insanity, what things are really important.

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Again I Ask, Who’s Extreme?

Unwilling to run on her lackluster record, Patty Murray has resorted to a series of misleading and dishonest ads attacking Dino Rossi for a variety of reasons that have nothing to do with the issues about which people are most concerned. Her latest ad attempts to paint Rossi as an extremist who will turn back the clock on abortion rights.

As I see it, are two extremes in the abortion debate. On the pro abortion side, the extreme position advocates the right to abortion for any person – even minors – for any reason, at any time during gestation up to and including partial birth abortions. In this world view, the right to an abortion is inalienable and requires government protection and facilitation through funding and coercion of health care workers who have sincerely held conscience objections.

On the pro life side, the extreme position advocates the right to life for every human being from the moment of conception. In this world view, abortions would be illegal, even in cases of rape and incest, or when the life of the mother would be endangered by a pregnancy. Conscience objections would be protected.

So let’s compare the positions of Patty Murray and “Turn Back the Clock” Dino Rossi.

Rossi opposes abortion except in cases of rape, incest, or to save the mother’s life. This moves him towards the center, away from the extreme pro-life position.

On the other hand, Patty Murray has, apparently, never met an abortion she wasn’t willing to protect with legislation. She voted against the ban on the barbarous procedure rather euphemistically known as partial birth abortion and against conscience protections for health care workers. Try as I might, I’ve been unable to find any scrap of evidence to support moving Murray towards the center on this issue.

If you don’t agree that Murray’s position is extreme, tell me…what, exactly, would constitute an extreme position on abortion?


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What Do You Think Nature’s Greatest Gift Is?

A new video from



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Choices Have Consequences

Happy Birthday

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I’m wondering how I came to be on NARAL’s e-mail list. I’m relatively certain I’ve never said anything that would lead anyone to believe I’m a proponent of abortion, much less that I would contribute to NARAL. Nevertheless, have a look at what showed up in my inbox this morning.

Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine is considering legislation that would funnel thousands of dollars to so-called “crisis pregnancy centers” in his state through “Choose Life” license plates.  He could sign or veto the bill any day now.

“Crisis pregnancy centers” are deceptive fake clinics that mislead women, and promote extreme, anti-choice views to stop women from exercising their right to choose.

Contribute now to help keep state funds out of anti-choice hands and to protect choice at every level.

NARAL Pro-Choice America is mobilizing its nationwide support network and building on NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia’s work to put a stop to these efforts.

Gov. Kaine, who also serves as chairman of the Democratic National Committee, should uphold the strong pro-choice platform the Democratic Party adopted last August by stopping this anti-choice bill from becoming law. And we urgently need the resources to focus our staff on this and all the threats to choice nationwide — that’s why we’ve asked you to help us raise $50,000 by March 31.

Please donate today to help us reach our goal because this isn’t about just reaching a fundraising target…it’s about women’s lives.

This gem was signed by Nancy Keenan, President, NARAL Pro-Choice America.

I’m not sure exactly how revenue is generated by cause plates, but my assumption has been that purchasers are assessed an additional fee, which then goes to support the cause, in this case, crisis pregnancy centers.

The crisis pregnancy center of which I have the most knowledge (gleaned from years of reading their newsletters) is staffed by compassionate, trained volunteers who sincerely care about their clients. Many have experienced unplanned pregnancies. Many pray for their clients. They provide confidential, non-judgmental support at a difficult time. It doesn’t masquerade as a medical clinic, nor do they disseminate false information or lie to or mislead women in any way that I’m aware of.

They do provide accurate, detailed information on fetal development and abortion procedures and discuss options such as “choosing” to put a baby up for adoption or “choosing” to keep and raise the baby. Likewise, women can “choose” to visit such a center or “choose”  not to. Once inside, she can “choose” to stay or “choose” to leave at any time. After her visit, she’ll be well informed about all the options from which she can “choose.”

But leaving aside for a moment the relative merits of crisis pregnancy centers, it occurs to me that Virginia residents will be able to “choose” to purchase the “Choose Life” plates or “choose” not to purchase them. Women can “choose” to heed the message or “choose” to ignore it.

That seems like a lot of choices to me. You would think that an organization named “Pro-Choice” America could really get behind that.

The reality is quite different. Even though there’s nothing about a “Choose Life” license plate that’s going to stop even one woman who truly desires it from obtaining an abortion, NARAL has chosen to oppose this innocuous piece of legislation as being anti-choice. Even though no funding will be diverted; no new anti-abortion agencies created; no additional regulations or requirements enacted.


A few reasons come to mind, the first being that they hope for the knee-jerk response that the words “anti-choice” elicit in so many women. Next, they fear the plates have the potential to sway public opinion. And the last, “Pro-Choice” America isn’t really about all the choices, rather just about their choice.

If this is an issue that’s important to you, please contact Governor Tim Kaine’s office and let him know your views. Virginia residents, it is especially important that you do so today.

Update: On Monday, March 30, Governor Tim Kaine signed the “Choose Life” legislation. Please contact Governor Kaine at the link above to thank him.


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