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Haters On The Left

You may have heard that voice over actor Lance Baxter, also known as D.C. Douglas, lost his contract with Geico after leaving a voicemail for FreedomWorks in which he asked, “the percentage of people that are mentally retarded who are working for FreedomWorks and who are following it.”

Now some people on the left feel quite strongly about poor Mr. Baxter and his loss of prospects so they called FreedomWorks to voice their protests the best way they knew how.

Tabitha Hale was tasked with the pleasant job of sifting through the voice mails, and she kindly put together a video so we can better understand how the leftists think and just how hurt and upset they are by the injustice done to poor Mr. Baxter.

WARNING: Graphic language. This video is not for the faint-hearted or prudish.

In typical leftist fashion, rather than, you know, blaming his own bad behavior for the lost of his contract, Baxter blamed FreedomWorks – of course he did! – and also pretended to be oh-so-offended by the calls he received from “Dick Armey’s Army of Dicks.” Yeah. Like that’s not offensive but try not to be distracted by that bit of juvenile “humor,” which I’d expect from a 17 year old but not an adult.

Listen to the calls Baxter received and compare them to the calls received at FreedomWorks. I think you’ll notice that the voice mails in one of the videos are “a bit” more vulgar than those in the other.

(I’m not trying to excuse bad behavior on the right and any large movement will attract some people who would be better left at home.  Some of the signs depicted in the video are in very poor taste but others are clearly racist only if you view the world through black-and-white-colored glasses and others are clearly more bluster than threat. It’s also good to be aware that Obama isn’t the first U.S. President to be compared to Hitler. Some U.S. Presidents have even been protested with signs wishing for or even depicting their deaths! Imagine!)

Here’s a video portfolio of Lance Baxter’s work, just in case you’re in a position to help him out with some work. Or you want to boycott companies who work with him. Either one.

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The New Puritan Seal of Approval

This swimwear has received the New Puritan Seal of Approval for use by Republican women. If only Scott Brown had know before allowing this scandalous family photo to be snapped.

If anyone with mad Photoshop skillz can come up with a better seal, I’d be much obliged.

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Puritanical Hypocrites

The New Puritans at the Huffington Post are all offended because Gail Huff, wife of newly elected Senator Scott Brown (R-MA, baby!) appeared in a racy music video back in the ’80s.

This video hardly qualifies as racy, but when compared to what the HuffPo’s readers probably view on a regular basis – for instance, this not-safe-for-work gem from Paula Cole – it’s kiddie fare. In sort of the same way the Beatles started to look all cute ‘n’ cuddly to my parents when my sister started listening to Steppenwolf.

Breathless, the HuffPo goes on to tell us:

Of course, the Browns are no strangers to skin: Senator-elect Scott famously posed nude for Cosmopolitan in 1982, and more recently with his bikini-clad daughters.

Oh! The scandal! Scott Brown’s daughters…wear bikinis!  Honestly, you’d think it was kiddie porn the way they’re going on about it. All right…the photo may prove they have really bad taste in swim wear but it’s a family vacation photo, apparently in Hawaii. How many of you have something similar tucked away?

Personally, I don’t find any of this shocking. Not the video, the Cosmo spread or the bikini-clad daughters. But if this is the standard to which the left would like to be held, hey, I’m all for that.


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Gregoire’s Political Posturing Over Lakewood Shootings

An unfortunate series of break downs in the criminal justice systems in both Washington and Arkansas culminated in the execution of four Lakewood Police Officers by habitual criminal Maurice Clemmons. Governor Christine Gregoire response was to direct “state Corrections Chief Eldon Vail not to accept any new parolees from Arkansas until matters arising from the Maurice Clemmons case have been addressed and resolved,” in order tomake sure that the system is appropriate to protect Washington residents.”

That’s quite a load of holier-than-thou attitude, but I guess I should just be thankful she’s finally taking an interest, given that Washington’s Department of Corrections has such a dismal track record under her leadership.


In August of 2006, a Seattle Police Officer was killed; in November of the same year, another Seattle Officer and a King County Sheriff’s deputy were killed, all by parolees living under State supervision who had violated the terms of their parole.

Then, just a few months later, in February of 2007, 83 felons were released from King County jails, before an administrative-hearing officer could rule on how they should be punished for violating the terms of their parole – what is called a conditional release.

DOC spokesman Gary Larson defended the Friday releases, saying the agency had exceeded the number of inmates in the release program who could be housed at the downtown Seattle jail and the Regional Justice Center Jail in Kent.

In its contract with King County, DOC pays for 220 jail beds, Hayes said. The jail system housed 304 DOC inmates last week.

Larson said DOC reviewed each felon’s case before the release.

“We feel we are making responsible decisions. We didn’t just say ‘you, you and you are free,’ ” Larson said. “We had no choice but to do something about the situation in the jail. We couldn’t put any more violators in there.”

Among those released were Jordan Kingbird, 34, a Level III sex offender whose criminal history includes rape, drug possession, theft and four counts of failing to register as a sex offender.

Level III sex offenders are those considered to be a potential high risk to the community and a threat to re-offend if provided the opportunity. The DOC said other Level III sex offenders were also among those released, but a spokesman said he didn’t have further details.

As a result of that incident, Gregoire ordered that the DOC stop the conditional release of felons; however just two weeks later, the DOC had reinstated the practice.

In a memo to the DOC after the Feb. 23 releases, the governor ordered the agency to stop all conditional releases. Gregoire said that when offenders are returned to prison because of a violation, “the offender must serve the full term of custody. Anything less sends the wrong message to the violator and threatens public safety.”

But Gregoire said Tuesday that her concern was conditional releases done solely because of overcrowding.

“My point to them was you can’t let people out simply because there’s no room at the inn,” she said.

I wonder if Gregoire was able to deliver that little bit of excuse making with a straight face. More importantly, I wonder if she felt that the conditional release of felons was “appropriate to protect Washington residents.”

And who can forget the bizarre story of David Torrence, who, upon release from prison, was fitted with an electronic tracking device and, because of a lack of appropriate housing, was given a sleeping bag and told to sleep under a bridge near the town of Snohomish. Five miles from the home of the woman he was convicted of raping in 1995. That would be the woman who wasn’t notified of his release from prison, because forewarned is forearmed ignorance is bliss, right?

After only three days, Torrence cut off his tracking device and fled the state – in what is one of the most ironic twists imaginable – to Arkansas. He eventually turned himself in and returned to Washington to serve another year for violating the terms of his parole. Then, doubling down on the irony:

A sex offender who was allowed to live under a Snohomish County bridge when he could not find housing has been sentenced to a year in jail and given other terms that will allow him to move to Arkansas.

I couldn’t determine Terrence’s current whereabouts with any degree of certainty. I did find this information on the King County Sheriff’s Department website. As you can see, he’s “non-compliant” and his location is unknown. I hope the women in Arkansas are locking their doors.

Gregoire’s statement is brazenly hypocritical, intended to focus the blame on Arkansas, as if her administration and her Department of Corrections hadn’t granted early releases to thousands of felons and had a spotless record with regard to parolees and public safety. Arkansas’s parolees are the least of our worries.


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Hypocrisy on Display

This video says it all.

H/T to Little Green Footballs

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