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Rasmussen Poll Finds 17% of Americans Completely Out Of Touch With Reality

A Rasmussen poll released today finds 17% of Americans so out of touch with reality, they should be hospitalized for their own protection; they are the pitiable few who believe Obamacare will lower costs.

I can understand a person taking the position that using the force of government with regard to universal health care is a moral position – although I don’t agree – but to believe that a plan with no actual cost cutting measure will drive down the cost of health care is a stunning denial of reality.

Thankfully, 61% of Americans understand that costs will necessarily rise and 62% believe it should be repealed.

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CBS Displays A Terminal Lack Of Intellectual And Journalistic Curiosity

CBS reports that, while alcohol-related deaths due to liver disease have declined in many countries since the 1980s, deaths in Britain have risen…but it apparently doesn’t occur to them to wonder if their health care system might have anything do to with it.

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Dear Uncle Sam: Pretty Please, Keep Track Of My Medical Records

This is awesome! I think the federal government is exactly who should be in charge of medical records for hundreds of millions of people. They’ve proven their worthiness time and time again. Here’s just one more example.

And keep in mind, the FAA is only tracking a few hundred thousand airplanes, roughly 1/1000th of the number of people whose medical records would be tracked in a government database. I don’t think it takes an aeronautical engineer to see that the potential for disaster is astronomical.



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Hubris That Knows No Bounds

I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that a man who rather famously implied that he could stop the rise of the oceans also believes that, well, look at this:

In an interview airing Sunday night on CBS’ “60 Minutes,” Obama said the health care system itself is huge and complicated and that changing it eluded previous presidents because it was so difficult.

Yes, our health care system is so huge and complicated that only he, Barack Obama, was smart enough to understand it in its enormity, grasp its many intricacies and miraculously transform it into a system that provides quality care for all at a lower cost. Or not.

Unfortunately it appears that he wasn’t smart enough to understand that “health care system” and “medical insurance” aren’t the same thing.

Off topic: It’s also rather shocking to note that the smartest President ever couldn’t gauge the size of the political backlash that hit the Democrats on Tuesday.

I made the decision to go ahead and do it, and it proved as costly politically as we expected — probably actually a little more costly than we expected, politically,” he said.



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Words Weekly Wrap-Up: 10/17/10 through 10/23/10

Vandals Support Democrats

Bending the Cost Curve…Up

Thanks, Patty…Way To Boost The Economy

Learn About Politics And Support Patty Murray!

Governor Jay Inslee?

Tremble, Washington! Evil Right-Wing Plots Are Afoot in LD-1

How The Hell Did Paul Krugman Get To Be So Stupid?

Pants On FIRE!

The New Puritans Strike Again

James Watkins / Jay Inslee Debate (10/18/10)

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Bending The Cost Curve…Up

Just in case you had any lingering doubts about the actual intent on the part of the Democrats to lower health care costs with their hideously misnamed “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” yesterday the Administration announced that nearly $30 million taxpayer dollars would be channeled to the states to, among other things, file claims against their health care plans.

Excellent. Because, as everyone knows, law suits do so much to drive the costs of health care down.

(H/T Jimmie Bise)

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Familiarity Breeds Contempt

The Bill offers insurance and implies that having insurance means getting care.

People deliver care, not insurance policies.

Do you remember this?

Of course you do; who could forget Speaker Nancy Pelosi rather famously telling us Congress needed to pass the health care monstrosity so that we could, “uh, find out what [was] in it.”

I’ve got a bit of news for Nancy.

The more we find out about “what’s in the bill,” the less we like it. Over at The American Spectator, Dean Waldman asks if  someone will please kill Obamacare before it kills us.

We can hope.


Liberty Pundits:  Oh, about campaigning on ObamaCare…

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