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It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

Because increasing the supply always drives the price down up.

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Who’s Dumber Than A Box Of Rocks?

I frequently argue with a group of politically-minded friends over which Senator is dumber: Patty Murray (D-WA) or Barbara Boxer (D-CA). Opening the competition up to House members adds Hank Johnson to the mix and perennial favorite, Maxine Waters. Waters brings not only her “elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top floor” intellect, but also a profound inability to avoid saying what’s really on her mind.

Which, if you think about it, is really a plus for freedom lovers everywhere. As long as they keep her far, far away from any national security secrets.

Can anyone tell me who the disgusted gentleman seated to Waters’ right is? Or the blonde woman on his right? She can hardly keep from laughing out loud.

H/T to Blue Collar Muse and Eric Odom.


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Andrew Klavan Interviews Jay Inslee…

…Er, I mean, the Green Jobs Answer Man. LOLZ ensue.


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Just How Stupid Does Nissan Think You Are?

If this commercial is any indication, the answer is really freaking stupid.

My first reaction on seeing this was to think, “Wow, clever ad to get people to think about how much electricity they consume!’ Because, of course, almost all the electricity consumed in the United States is produced by burning something. True, gasoline is just a small part of the total but – Hey! – coal is the devil, right?

Electric vehicles produce no emissions at the point of use but that doesn’t mean there are no emissions associated with their use which is the clear implication of this commercial. And, judging from the people I know who are anxiously awaiting their opportunity to own an electric vehicle, it’s a marketing ploy that resonates.



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How Do You Know Food Prices Are Getting Bad, Really Bad?

Food heists, that’s how.

I'm sitting on a gold mine here!

Late last month, a gang of thieves stole six tractor-trailer loads of tomatoes and a truck full of cucumbers from Florida growers. They also stole a truckload of frozen meat. The total value of the illegal haul: about $300,000.


“I’ve never experienced people targeting produce loads before,” said Shaun Leiker, an assistant manager at Allen Lund, a trucking broker in Oviedo, Fla., that was hit three times by the thieves. “It’s a little different than selling TVs off the back of your truck.”

The rising prices are driven partially by increased fuel costs and rising demand, such as the diversion of food products for ethanol production.

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Apostate Church, Thy Name Is Episcopal

Okay, so I’m fairly at a loss for words. Yeah. It’s that bad.

Can someone please show me the Bible passage that establishes Delta Smelt as part of the Body of Christ?


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An Epic Rant From Sen. Rand Paul

Honestly, I don’t know much about Rand Paul but I think I may want to see more of him, if his performance today during an Energy and Natural Resources Committee meeting today is any indication.

Paul launched into an epic rant that started with a simple question to Kathleen Hogan, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Energy Efficiency, with the Department of Energy: “Are you pro-choice?”

Watch the entire thing, because, really, it’s just too good to miss.

Here’s Paul’s point in a nutshell:

You’re really anti-choice on every other consumer item that you’ve listed here, including light bulbs, refrigerators, toilets – you name it, you can’t go around your house without being told what to buy. You restrict my choices, you don’t care about my choices. You don’t care about the consumer frankly. You raise the cost of all the items with your rules, all your notions that you know what’s best for me. (This snippet via ABC’s The Note)

Ms. Hogan’s response, I think,  illustrates our current issues with out-of-control, out-of-touch government quite nicely.

One, I think the Appliance Standards Program is an example of a really great partnership between Congress and the Administration over many, many, many years.  So much of what we are implementing really had its genesis in bi-partisan bills that have been put forth at a number of different points over the history of this country over the last 30 to 40 years…and I really do not believe that the appliance standards end up restricting personal choice.

You can see that Senator Paul is focused on the hypocrisy of the so-called “pro-choice” set and on the consumer…you and me and Ms. Hogan is focused on the Beltway establishment…the “great partnership” between “Congress and the Administration” and their “bi-partisan bills.” This woman doesn’t have one thought to spare for the people who pay her salary, the ones who are affected by the standards they’re implementing. (I would imagine it’s a safe bet that she’s not all that concerned that Chinese workers are being poisoned manufacturing CFL bulbs either, but I digress.)

Getting back to Senator Paul’s opening question, Ms. Hogan’s inexplicable response was, “I’m pro-choice of bulbs.” Inexplicable because on first examination, it would appear that she was either brazenly lying to a U.S. Senator or that she lacks a good working knowledge of what would otherwise appear to be her native tongue. A second look, however, reveals the real answer.

Paul: I can’t buy the old light bulbs. That restricts my choice on buying.

Hogan: My view is what you want is lighting, right?”

So Ms. Hogan’s real answer is “you’ll take whatever light bulbs we give you and be happy to have the light, damn it!”

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