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The Bizarre World Of Chris Matthews

In Chris Matthews’ world, it’s apparently urbane and hip and sophisticated and oh-so-cool to text raunchy, unsolicited photos of yourself to women half your age with whom you’ve have a previously casual, virtual relationship. As opposed to doing your best to live up to Christian ideals of behavior like being faithful to your wife which is, apparently, backward.

Why does anyone continue to lend credence to anything this man says?

Update 1:  The Other McCain weighs in.

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Helping Friends Is What Conservatism Is All About


Isn’t that right? Rather than relying on the government, it’s a conservative principle, at least in my mind, that we should rely on friends and family in times of need. And that friends and family should consider it a privilege, rather than a burden, to help.

Today it’s time to put that into practice. My good friend, Jimmie Bise, Jr., is in a predicament of the auto repair kind. Jimmie was one of my first and is now one of my best Twitter friends. He’s an amazing blogger who always has kind words or a bit of encouragment. He is one of the most supportive people I know, virtually or in real life, and if I were in a tough situation, I know he’d be right there to help in any way he could.

So, please, won’t you consider hitting his tip jar?


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What Do You Think Nature’s Greatest Gift Is?

A new video from



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Conservative Blogroll Awesomeness

Just in case you have several hours to spare each day, Bombs and Dollars has put together quite a nice list of conservative blogs. Unfortunately, It’s Only Words didn’t make the cut, but I can forgive that. This time.

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Some Open Questions For Conservatives

A controversy arose last night on Twitter, revolving around someone’s assertion that a person cannot be both gay and conservative, presumably because a gay person would favor legalizing gay marriage.

My question was, and is, how many conservative positions must one hold on the issues in order to be considered a conservative? The person who started the controversy contends that you must hold the conservative position on every issue, “with some minor variations.”

Beyond that, who gets to decide the “official” conservative position? What are the key issues that are central to conservatism?

Please leave a comment; I’m looking for as much input as possible on this.

Update: Here’s a gay conservative’s opinion on what makes a conservative.

The conservatism I believe in is a combination of lower taxes, less government spending, freer trade, freer markets, individual liberty, personal responsibility, and a strong anti-communist foreign policy.


Many have asked me how I can be gay, yet call myself a Republican or a conservative. To them, I say the answer is easy. It’s similar to answer I give to those who pose the same question about me being black and Republican. A long time ago, I looked at the issues on both sides of the political spectrum. While there are a few on the left I agree with, there are many more on the right that fit my belief structure.


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