glock-19_hrImagine, by John Lennon, is among my top picks as one of the worst songs ever, but that’s not because I don’t have a good imagination.

I like to imagine lots of things, but one of my favorites is to imagine how many fewer rapes would be attempted if every potential rapist had to spend time wondering whether or not his intended victim was armed with a handgun.

Or how many would-be muggers would become actual muggers if they knew there was even a 50-50 chance their intended victims were armed. Or how many potential mass shooters would target schools, theaters or shopping malls if they knew their intended victims could respond with deadly force.

Now imagine what would happen if they knew for a certainty that none of their intended victims would be armed. Ever.




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4 responses to “Imagine

  1. Well said in a nutshell. ….Think how rape could be drastically curtailed or even ended if the perps thought they would face physical castration.
    If people want to disarm robbers, we ought also to disarm rapists.
    I support arming the civil citizenry, but also favor a penalty to fit the crime of rape. Disarm the rapist. End rape once and for all. Give them a penalty they will not want to live with….
    Thank you for your clear cut statement on the 2nd amendment.
    I understand some sheriff’s in New York State are calling for llcensed concealed carry folks to start carrying as a general practice; more sheriffs should soon be falling in line.
    The only thing that will stop a bad gun is a good gun.

  2. It's Only Words

    If I can find them again, I’ll link them in a new post.

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