Irony Upon Irony

Piers MorganPiers Morgan thinks it’s ironic that there’s a campaign to deport him for exercising his right to free speech under the 1st Amendment

I think it’s ironic that Piers Morgan claims 1st Amendment protection in his campaign to strip law-abiding, actual citizens of their 2nd Amendment rights.


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4 responses to “Irony Upon Irony

  1. From here on out, these things must become intensely personal. I recommend all articles addressed to Morgan, or any public comments to him refer to him as “Your Grace.”
    The entire firearms issue is way above his pay grade, but his paygrade is the issue here. For him to sit there on his smug ass and spit these words at a guest on his show – “You’re an incredibly stupid man, AREN’T YOU?” be speaks a character so base and manners so uncouth as to warrant, were he my employee, immediate dismissal but blacklisting throughout the industry. He is a pig, and he needs to be told so, loudly and often.

  2. There’s a lot of liberals who don’t like Morgan one bit. He’s extremely self-serving and it isn’t clear that he even tries to be a journalist by the rather low standards of tv journalism.

    I’m not big on deporting him, but I do want to see him off-the-air. What on earth does he contribute to any discussion? Does he even have entertainment value?

    • It's Only Words

      I think there are liberals who may agree with Morgan on the issues, but still don’t appreciate the snarky criticism from a foreigner.

  3. Seder Jirovsky

    Piers Morgan is a colostomy bag with ears.

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