Why Do Democrats Hate SAHMs?

Dang it! I was trying to find a photograph that accurately depicted what a stay-at-home mom does everyday, but I couldn’t find a picture of a mom folding laundry while cooking a nutritious meal, while nursing the baby, while driving her children to their respective sports practices, while scheduling a doctor’s appointment for her husband, while conducting a PTA meeting, while mowing the lawn, while paying bills, while shopping for groceries. So I made this instead.

Why all the fuss? Yesterday, Hilary Rosen, a Democrat strategist accidentally pissed off every SAHM in the country…even though some of them don’t know it yet, when she indiscreetly tweeted that Ann Romney, a SAHM of 5 boys, had never worked a day in her life.

Now, of course, I understand the point she was trying to make, although not the rationale behind it, but this is a hot button issue for SAHMs and it’s a horribly unfair bias/misconception that they’ve been dealing with for at least 30 years…the idea that caring for your own children full-time isn’t “real” work (now if you were caring for someone else’s as a low-paid daycare worker, that would be, you know, cool).

I’ve been both a SAHM and a working mom and I can say without hesitation that in my experience, being a SAHM is far more rewarding, and at least as much work as being a “working” mom. Did I mention the volunteer coordinators for every organization you or your children are involved in who call you for every volunteer position that opens up because “you don’t do anything else anyway?” Yes, these words or words very similar have been spoke to me. More than once. Over a span of years and by different people. I only mention this to point out why this is such a sensitive issue. I’m not bitter or anything.

Dana Loesch is working it on Brietbart.

Stacy Mott chimes in for SGP.

Michelle Malkin tells us Hilary Rosen and Obama are practically best friends.

From Alexa Shrugged.

Anyway, thanks are due to Hilary Rosen. She’s managed single-handedly to unify and energize the conservatives on Twitter in a way that Mitt had so far been unable to do himself.

Note: Ann Romney is now on Twitter. Follow her.


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9 responses to “Why Do Democrats Hate SAHMs?

  1. Great piece and great pictures! I always joke that The Much Younger Trophy Wife stays at home with the kids and I go to work to relax!

    Anyone, Dem or not, who makes such an ignorant statement deserves the scorn and derision sure to be heaped on them for doing so.

    Women who stay at home do all the work of a Daycare owner, personal chef and personal shopper, chaffeur, shipping and receiving manager, teacher, bookkeeper, timekeeper, purchasing agent, gardener, landscaper, physician’s assistant, counselor, and I don’t have time to list the additional entries available if I actually THOUGHT about what my bride does all day!

    No doubt Ms Rosen will be provided with appropriate cover for her foolishness but for just a moment, the curtain was drawn back and the notions of a real Leftist woman were seen.

    Those suggesting Ms Rosen should be given a break? Spare me! Look at her resume. She is a long time Dem operative and far too experienced to have made a simple rookie mistake. She, in her frustration or eagerness, blurted out what was truly in her heart. Nothing resonates like the truth!

  2. I’ll tell you what I found more offensive than the “she’s never worked a day in her life” crap. The implication was clear that unless she had a job, she was too stupid to understand the basics of American life.

    Rosen is one of the music police (or at least has been) and apparently she thinks that conveys some special understanding of economics that a stay at home mom will just never grasp. According to Rosen, if you’ve never drawn a paycheck, you don’t know that paychecks matter.

    If you don’t have a typical job drawing wages, you don’t know what it is like to pay bills, or stretch a budget or buy laundry soap and noodles. That is so stoopid and insipid it’s hard to get past it to the contempt she shows for millions of woman here and around the world who *like* staying home and raising kids and think it is a great life plan.

    How very progressive of her. If by progressive you mean insular, intolerant, contemptuous and condescending.

  3. While Hilary Rosen was busy saying one single sentence that got repeated ad nauseam all day, Mitt Romney was busy equivocating on equal pay laws, violence against women laws, promised to get rid of lots of women’s health services, supported Scott Walker (who cut equal pay in Wisconsin), and Pete Hoekstra said paying women equally is “a nuisance.” Oh, and Pat Robertson said women are inferior to men. Just saying.

    • And Obama was working to destroy the economy for mothers – working AND stay at home. And their kids, and kid’s kids. Nice tossing of the kitchen sink contents, though.

  4. YMUBC –

    So – you all step on your hangy down parts and get called out on it and THIS is your big response? Deflect? You don’t defend the millions of women demeaned by your own views but want to point to anything else?

    Dear heavens, do I really have to pretend to be you and yell, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!”??

    The people who read and write here are too smart to be threadjacked by fem-phobes in full blown damage control mode due to their own excess.

    You want to discuss your issues? Fine. Write a blog post at your place laying out your case and let us all know where it is and if we have the time and inclination, we’ll check it out.

    But here, in this place, at this time, the question and issue is the role of women in the home, the value of stay at home moms and how little you folks think that value is.

    Oddly, we all believe in women in the workplace, women in politics, women in sports, education, the arts, academia – everyplace and anyplace where they can do the job. We also see the same value and strength that makes women such assets in those locations as making them a fantastic resource for the families fortunate enough to have one who devotes all her attention to the home and not splitting her attention between home and all places not home.

    You all agree with the first part but consider any woman who stays at home to be second class, ignorant, deceived, not living up to her potential and all the other trappings of people who say they support women but really don’t.

    You murder women in the womb, you indoctrinate them in school, you manipulate them after graduation and cast them aside when they no longer are found useful by you.

    So please, don’t you DARE come here and denigrate my wife and my friends. You aren’t qualified to clean their garbage disposals or diaper pails OR work in their mail rooms or janitorial staffs.

    I’d take just about any stay at home mom over you and your ilk any day. They are real women. You couldn’t even play one on TV with any conviction …

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