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Now Who’s The Bully?

Do you think the remarks in this video were appropriate for a high school journalism convention?

If you’ve ever doubted that the journalism establishment is a progressive indoctrination machine, consider that this convention was sponsored by the National Scholastic Press Association and the Journalism Education Assocation, where, presumably, no one questioned the wisdom of inviting the Editorial Director of The Stranger, a rabidly left-wing Seattle alternative newspaper and author of “Savage Love” to speak to a group of high school students. Click that last link at your own risk. To be fair, the convention’s organizers may have thought that someone who founded an organization designed to help gay youth cope with bullying would be sensitive to the feelings of other people. They were, obviously, wrong.

Savage’s remarks and his apparent shallow (or lack of) understanding of Christianity makes me wonder if he knows any actual Christians. He sounds as though the sum total of his knowledge of Christianity comes from TV news reports on Westboro Baptist Church, another group with a twisted view of what it means to be Christian. So he’s in swell company.

In another setting, with a different audience, Savage’s words might not have risen to the level of bullying, but the fact that he was speaking as an authority figure to a young audience made them so. And if it occurred to him that the hooting and clapping his remarks received might embolden some students to bully Christian students either immediately or in the future, he certainly didn’t let it deter him from continuing. I know, silly me…I think bullying is wrong regardless of who’s doing the bullying and who’s being bullied. Or who’s giving permission, so to speak, for one group to bully another.

More on this from my friend, Chris Barnhart.

It’s come to my attention that Washington State Senator Maria Cantwell participated in a video produced in support of It Gets Better. I wonder if she’ll condemn Savage’s attack on Christianity.


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Jay Carney Is A Lying Liar Who Lies About Lying

Liar, liar.

Jay Carney claims he never lies in his capacity as Press Secretary to the Obama Administration.

Pants on fire, I say!

I’ve already pointed out how very unlikely it is that Carney knows, as he claimed, three women named Hilary Rosen. You can check out many more examples of Carney’s questionable brand of truthfulness here.


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WHOA! Dude!

WHOA! Dude! I didn't see that coming!

It’s always unexpected with these people. Seriously, can’t you picture the entire Obama Administration standing on the White House lawn, gazing eastward and marveling that the sun has risen yet again?

Update: Thanks, Ed Driscoll, for the link at PJ Media.


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What’s Hot at It’s Only Words

Why Do Democrats Hate SAHMs?

In response to Hilary Rosen’s ludicrous assertion that being a stay-at-home mom isn’t any kind of work. This is a hot button issue for SAHMs and the Twitter firestorm that followed Rosen’s ill-advised tweet was not surprising.

Taking A Peek In My Crystal Ball

Have you ever wondered how many people search the internet each day for photos of crystal balls? A lot. This post is consistently pulls enough hits to land it in my top five week after week.

A Tale Of Two Presidents and Another Tale of Two Presidents

Compare and contrast George W. Bush and Barack Obama…and the liberal response to each.

The Most Amazing Coincidence!

Jay Carney is a lying liar and doesn’t even have enough sense to tell lies that make any kind of sense.

Who’s Dumber Than A Box Of Rocks?

How sad is it that competition is so fierce for the title of Stupidest Member of Congress?

The Obama Principle

Another old post that was updated to include a link to an IBD op-ed that reached the same conclusion as I did. I’m such a thought leader.

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Offered for no other reason than it seems appropriate.


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Who’s Dumber Than A Box Of Rocks?

I frequently argue with a group of politically-minded friends over which Senator is dumber: Patty Murray (D-WA) or Barbara Boxer (D-CA). Opening the competition up to House members adds Hank Johnson to the mix and perennial favorite, Maxine Waters. Waters brings not only her “elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top floor” intellect, but also a profound inability to avoid saying what’s really on her mind.

Which, if you think about it, is really a plus for freedom lovers everywhere. As long as they keep her far, far away from any national security secrets.

Can anyone tell me who the disgusted gentleman seated to Waters’ right is? Or the blonde woman on his right? She can hardly keep from laughing out loud.

H/T to Blue Collar Muse and Eric Odom.


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Time To Crack A Few Egg(Heads)

I hear that the President will be unveiling a plan today for increased regulation of oil speculators in an attempt to lower gas prices.

Washington (CNN) – Under pressure to bring down the high price of gas, President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder on Tuesday will outline a proposal to increase federal supervision of the oil markets in an effort to clip the wings of speculators who are profiting off the volatility of the oil market.

The president’s $52 million plan would let regulators force energy traders to put more of their own money into trades and also boost the penalties on manipulators who are found to be speculating unlawfully, according to a senior administration source who would not comment on the record in advance of the president’s remarks.

Oh, look at CNN! Isn’t it clever how they subtly morphed oil speculators into evil market manipulators? But I digress.

I’ve previously explained, in terms so simple anyone can understand, why oil speculation is a moderating factor in the oil market.


President Obama's Energy Policy Advisors

In light of that, I would like to suggest to the President that the best way to lower gasoline prices is to ensure a steady supply of oil free from interference – dare I say manipulation – from hostile foreign governments. Everyone understands this, except, apparently, the President and his energy policy advisors. Maybe the President needs a few more grandmothers and a few less egghead academics advising him.

Approving the Keystone Pipeline project would have been a good first step in that direction. And after that, drilling for our own oil. We have plenty.

But a steady supply of reasonably priced oil wouldn’t promote the green agenda as so foolishly stated by (then incoming) Energy Secretary Stephen Chu back in 2008, now, would it? Despite Chu’s recent attempts to walk that statement back, it’s clear that lowering gasoline prices isn’t a serious priority for this administration.

Update 1: The President announced a crackdown on oil speculators earlier today and “coincidentally,” oil prices have risen over a $1.00. The White House refuses to “speculate” on how much effect the crackdown will affect prices at the pump.  I’m not sure, but I believe that’s code for “not at all.”

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