No Bounds On Uncivil Discourse

It appears that liberals, if they were to be so foolish as not to abort a Down Syndrome child, would keep said child at home, locked in a closet, apparently, to preclude any possibility of offending their liberal friends with the distasteful sight. What other reason could there be for their persistent characterization of Sarah Palin’s insistence on including her son, Trig, in her daily activities as “waving that retard of hers around like a flag.”

Honestly, these people are disgusting excuses for human beings.


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2 responses to “No Bounds On Uncivil Discourse

  1. Angela B

    One of the most offensive aspects of the War on Downs Syndrome children, as far as I’m concerned, is that people believe that DS people are invariably profoundly mentally affected. They’re not. You can be born DS with a very severe physical impact, and have a “normal” mind. You can be born DS with a very affected mind, and look “normal”. You can be somewhere in the middle. Merely having an extra chromosome tells us NOTHING about a DS person, but our society advocates killing them on all general principle anyway, just in case.

  2. Susie

    Either extreme shames our society & I think we’re turning into a society that promotes Hitler’s values. I am a pro-life democrat but even more I am the mom of an awesome down syndrome adult AND equally awesome gifted adult. Just because I can’t stand Sarah Palin & disregard most of her values I still respect the FACT that her son isn’t a political statement even if his mom’s motives might be. Btw there’s a movement to not use the r-word anymore just like there was a movement to stop using the n-word when I was younger. I stopped giving to the March-of-Dimes because they promote abortion(s) & when liberals start respecting that I might be one again. I can’t stand conservatives either since they slap a christian label on their agenda & give true CHRISTians a bad taste in their mouths. I doubt that even Jesus would walk into most churches today not in America anyway since he hung out w/drunkards & prostitutes even tax collectors. Oh when did moderate become a dirty word????????? or having a civil discourse with someone w/o denigrating your opponent????? Also I’m hiding out in my Florida bunker if Obama wins (& I sincerely hope he does but won’t go on a rampage if Mitt wins.)

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