Are You Smarter Than A Law Student?

Sandra Fluke: Stupid or just "too good" to shop at Walmart?

It would seem that Georgetown University has very low standards for law school admissions. Sandra Fluke is a case in point. Ms. Fluke testified last week that many female law students of her acquaintance were going broke buying birth control, spending up to $3,000 over the course of their three-year tenure in law school.

Apparently Ms. Fluke is too stupid to discover, as I did in a 30-second internet search, that the much-maligned retailer, Walmart, offers several different types of birth control pills for $4 a month. My math skills are admittedly weak, but by my calculations, that totals $48 over the course a year or $144 over three years. I’d be willing to bet that most of those financially-struggling co-eds spend $48 a month on fancy coffee drinks from Starbucks.

In small towns all across the United States, people who Ms. Fluke undoubtedly scorns as uneducated, poorly dressed, red-necked yokels are acquiring birth control pills for $4 a month, while she and her oh-so-clever law school friends are claiming to pay a little more than $83 for products that serve the same purpose. Who looks stupid now?

Update: Oh, look, what a surprise. As it turns out, Ms. Fluke isn’t a 23-year-old co-ed after all. More on this later.


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5 responses to “Are You Smarter Than A Law Student?

  1. Susan

    I can only wonder if Georgetown has lowered it’s standards due to the Obama economy – a Georgetown education is not cheap these days. Thank you for pointing out the obvious.- I am confident there is a Planned Parenthood within a few blocks from Georgetown which provides birth control for free. With donations by Warren Buffett and Mike Bloomberg, I am confident PP would be happy to continue providing free birth control to these ladies.
    One other point which confuses me…since when does a college have to provide healthcare to its students? I have two college age sons (one who attends a different fine Jesuit university) and their healthcare is provided by our family policy.
    I only wish the Republicans had been there to question Ms. Fluke. For her sake, it’s a good thing they weren’t there as she is trying to become a lawyer and I sincerely doubt she would pass the cross-examination.

  2. bkeyser

    I’d be willing to bet they spend more than that in cocaine and alcohol in the course of a semester.

  3. I will lay odds that Ms Fluke’s law career has ended before it has even began. Even the most liberal law firm would not want the publicity that would go along with hiring this woman.

  4. largebill

    It is people like her that give dirt a superiority complex (dumber than dirt).

  5. I don’t understand why she wasn’t laughed off the stand. The good news is that this has gone viral and the average person (aka not just us political junkies) thinks it is ridiculous.

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