Can Someone Please Hand Me The Phone Book?

Patty Murray and Babs Boxer, intellectual giants of the Senate. It's a low bar.

You may remember a Rasmussen poll a while back that found 45% of U.S. voters felt the U.S. would be better off if Congressmen were selected randomly from the phone book.

Well that’s just the crazy talkin’, right? Everyone knows our elected officials are the nation’s elite, the best and the brightest, the cream of the crop, head and shoulders above the common citizen. Or not.

Of course there’s no way to know what level of government the people taking the test served but but it does make you wonder, could your Congressmen pass?


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4 responses to “Can Someone Please Hand Me The Phone Book?

  1. I think Marco would do ok. I took the quiz earlier & got a 75.76%…which, while terrible, is still better than I thought I’d get, having graduated at the bottom of my high school class – in 1973!

    To be honest, I got B’s in American History…evidently I remember BASICS but not specifics.

  2. I wonder what the per-centage would be if Rasmussen conducted the poll today. Somehow, I think it would be higher. Then again, the framers designed our system to be slow, deliberate, and subject to conflict-laced gridlock. Maybe (just maybe) we are operating as designed. Just on the low end of the curve…


    • It's Only Words

      I’m generally pretty happy with no action from Congress. Most things aren’t the crises they’re made out to be and Congress has a distressing tendency to make things worse when they try to fix them.

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