Consider The Irony

See update below.

Consider the irony of a man who would freak out if anyone were to dare to judge his sexual behavior…judging the sexual behavior of others and casually tossing out sexual slurs as if there would be no consequences. (And judging from the other bar patrons, there would have been none had Bristol not chosen to respond.)

More on this from The Other McCain.

Update 1: Ace and I, we’re on the same page. Yeah, we’re tight.

So it seems this loser has issued an apology, spoken like the true lawyer he is; all the right words, no real sense of human emotion. The Blaze thinks he bucked under media pressure; I think his mother got on YouTube.

Also, Bristol has something to say about the matter.


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3 responses to “Consider The Irony

  1. DCG

    What a jerk. Thought Bristol handled it well.

  2. I couldn’t understand most of what either of them were saying. :/

  3. bobmontgomery

    And now consider, in our litigious society, and with “advocacy groups” backing certain parties, a scenario in a bar someplace on or off base, when the newly emerged start feeling their oats or whatever it is they feel, and start picking on someone who is of standard persuasion. When push comes to shove, who is going to automatically be deemed the oppressor in order for the authorities to avoid the wrath of the ACLU or GLAAD or whomever? The aggrieved soldier will not be able to walk away fast enough to avoid being thrown in the brig, drummed out of the corps, reduced in rank or whatever. In the Palin video, the jerk was loud and proud and unfearful of consequence, as you say, because of the breakdown of honor and decency in this country caused by Political Correctness and the tyranny of the minority.

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