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Keeping You Ignorant Since 2008

Just in case you haven’t thought about this lately, my friend, Jimmie, compiled a list of stories that the “journalists” of the Democrat-Media Complex couldn’t be bothered to report. It’s really rather shocking to see them all listed together, especially considering some of the stories they do cover as if they’re of some import. Today we find them breathlessly reporting that Sarah Palin’s staff watched Fox News during the 2008 election. Frankly, it frightens me that anyone would find this at all newsworthy. I mean, I wouldn’t be even a little shocked to find out that people in the Obama Administration watch MSNBC non-stop. Disheartened, maybe, or disgusted but not surprised.

What might the media be reporting on if Sarah Palin would just get out of their heads, you ask? Why, this.


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The Bizarre World Of Chris Matthews

In Chris Matthews’ world, it’s apparently urbane and hip and sophisticated and oh-so-cool to text raunchy, unsolicited photos of yourself to women half your age with whom you’ve have a previously casual, virtual relationship. As opposed to doing your best to live up to Christian ideals of behavior like being faithful to your wife which is, apparently, backward.

Why does anyone continue to lend credence to anything this man says?

Update 1:  The Other McCain weighs in.

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Sexualizing Teens & Tweens

What the hell are this girl‘s parents thinking?

Now that you mention it, how about this girl‘s parents? (At least this – despite being wildly inappropriate for a nine-year-old – was a halloween costume.)

It’s bad enough in show business circles, but it’s become all too common to see girls as young as eight or nine years old dressed in garb that ought only to be found in a brothel. And people wonder why teenage pregnancy is a problem.

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Anthony Weiner, Christian Martyr?

It’s truly astonishing how far the press will go to spin the #weinergate story in their beloved Weiner’s favor. In this one, Richard Cohen of the Washington Post likens being a Christian to being a pervert and suffering the consequences of your own actions to being fed to lions because of your religion.

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Barbara Walters Goes Off The Deep End

Barbara, you know I love you like a sister, but you're killing me here!

According to Barbara Walters, Sarah Palin’s bus tour of U.S. historic sites is as ethically questionable as Anthony Weiner’s digital indiscretions. You know it’s bad when Joy Behar feels compelled to defend Palin.

Oh, Barbara, how low you’ve fallen.


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Liberalism Means You Never Have To Say You’re Sorry

The line to apologize to Andrew Breitbart forms on the left at Legal Insurrection.

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Not Quite Ready To Forgive And Forget

Just watched that weepy press conference with Rep. Anthony Weiner and wanted to jot down a few thoughts before I try to purge the memory from my brain forever.

My overall impression, to quote Col. Jack O’Neill, is, “That boy can really grovel if he has to.” While Weiner seemed genuinely sorry for having hurt his wife and family, his apology was, as they say, a day late and a dollar short.

A Day (or a week, rather) Late

Like all apologies made under duress, Rep. Weiner’s would have carried more weight and seemed more genuine a week ago last Friday. ¬†Instead, while knowing the truth, he allowed Andrew Breitbart to be libeled (and here plus many others) and “Dan Wolfe,” aka @patriotusa76 (account now deleted, can you blame him?) to be threatened. That’s the act of a cowardly man and an ethically challenged man. I’m sorry if that seems harsh but I can’t think of any other way to say it so there it is.

A Dollar Short

Weiner made repeated references to having made “mistakes” and having “personal weaknesses.” I don’t know about you, but where I come from, a mistake is dialing the wrong phone number and a personal weakness is being overly fond of doughnuts. Transmitting unsolicted, raunchy photographs of oneself to women young enough to be one’s daughters is sick, sick sick. That it’s become common makes it no less so. So while Rep. Weiner claimed repeatedly that he was sorry, by denying the seriousness of his actions, his apology is diminished.

Random Thoughts

Note to Rep. Weiner: Saying “I’m apologetic” isn’t the same as apologizing. Just so you know.

Weiner claims he wasn’t drinking when he sent the raunchy photos. I don’t know…I think this makes it worse for me.

If we’re to believe Weiner’s statement today – and there’s no reason we should; the man is an admitted liar – he told his then-fiancee about his propensity for texting/tweeting/whatever photos of himself to women he’d met online. I feel badly for her but she should have seen this coming. And for the love of God, women, use your brains when you’re choosing a mate. Please.

Wrap Up

Anthony Weiner doesn’t have the judgment required to be an entry-level employee at Dunder Mifflin but can be elected to the United States House of Representatives. God help us all.

Update:¬† Thanks to Dan Collins at POWIP for the link…check it out, it’s one-stop shopping for #weinergate updates.

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