UW Physicians To Face Penalties For Fake Sick Notes

I think people have a right to know if their physician is ethically challenged, don’t you?

UW Health doctors who wrote sick notes for protesters at the Capitol in February face penalties up to a loss of pay and leadership positions, the UW School of Medicine and Public Health said Tuesday.

Snip…The statement didn’t identify the doctors, citing public employee records laws, and said “the school will not comment on individual cases.” (full article)

Dr. Lou Sanner was very open about having provided sick notes – for stress – during the protests. “’Some people think it’s a nod-and-wink thing, but it’s not,’ he said.”

Yes, Dr. Sanner, the whole situation is not “a nod-and-wink thing.” Your fake sick notes are an attempt to swindle the school district; to cause them to pay sick leave benefits to employees who don’t deserve them. That sounds like an attempt to defraud the taxpayers of Wisconsin to me.

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