In Which The “Death Panel” Is Called The “Adult Guardian”

An Australian man is mourning the death of his wife after a government bureaucrat was called in to decide her fate.

AN anguished husband was forced to spend his final hours with his wife trying to stop the Gold Coast Hospital from switching off her life support, only a day after she responded to his presence. A tearful Ziv Magen had earlier vowed to fight for wife Maiko’s life for the sake of their toddler son after the hospital called in the Adult Guardian to decide her fate.

But she died last night, with her family at her bedside, in the hospital’s intensive care unit.

Mr Magen last night said he believed his wife could have survived if treatment had not been stopped.

“It would have at least given her a fighting chance,” he said.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking this couldn’t or wouldn’t happen under Obamacare. When you enact legislation that necessarily forces prices up, the only way remaining to “bend the cost curve down” is to ration care.

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