An Appropriate Use Of Power

Dan Riehl has a post up, In Contrast to Boehner, Pelosi “Drove Health Care Down GOP’s Throat.” I’d like to suggest an alternate title, “In Contrast to Boehner, Pelosi Had the Cojones to Use Her Power and Position to Get What She Wanted.” Over long, I know, but accurate nonetheless.

This brings up the question, would I want Speaker Boehner to use raw power to “drive something down the Democrats’ throat? When it comes to repealing or defunding Obamacare, absolutely, the difference being that Boehner would be acting in accordance to the will of the people, rather than in direct opposition to it…as Nancy Pelosi did. So a word of advice to Speaker Boehner: you’re not winning any friends by including funds to implement Obamacare in your continuing budget resolutions. I’m just sayin’, you know, because the the tea party has a bit of power of its own to wield.

Other than that, Dan said it very nicely, so be sure to click through and read it all.


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3 responses to “An Appropriate Use Of Power

  1. The only thing you get my ramming things down people’s (or parties’) throats is revulsion. I don’t think Boehner should act the way Pelosi did as the People say that as a raw and naked abuse of power. He should proceed with caution and gather allies based on sensible solution. Otherwise he’ll perpetuate a vicious cycle.

    • paulag1955

      Here’s the thing. If the people had been overwhelmingly in favor of the health care legislation, there would be no talk of it having been rammed down anyone’s throats. Now people are overwhelmingly in favor of it being repealed or defunded. They understand that what Pelosi was pushing and Boehner would be repealing/defunding is probably unconstitutional. So, yeah, I think he should do whatever he can, barring shenanigans such as deeming a bill to be passed that hasn’t been passed. Unilateral “disarmament” is just stupid, in my opinion.

  2. DCG

    I hope Boehner does get Obamacare defunded. Otherwise he’s toast in my book.

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