Keeping Man In Perspective

First, there was the earthquake, on Friday morning (Japan time), March 11th.

The earthquake triggered a massive tsunami.

Then, today, March 13th, Mount Shinmoedake continued its latest activity after having been quiet since late February.


When all is said and done, man is a puny creature and we’d do well to keep that in mind.


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4 responses to “Keeping Man In Perspective

  1. flicka47

    You’ve done a great job here of expressing exactly what I felt when I saw this picture…


    • paulag1955

      I see Sendai Airport over to the right of that photo. I saw a video taken from inside the terminal as the wave smashed through the parking lot. Amazingly, there was relative calm inside.

  2. Our sermon was about this today. The text was Psalm 90 which contains this:

    “You sweep them away as with a flood; they are like a dream…”

  3. DCG

    wow, just incredible. Scary watching those skyscrapers wave back and forth. Prayers for Japan.

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