New Jobs Report Screams, “Unsustainable!”

I don’t make any secret of the fact that I’m not good with numbers…words are my thing. So when even I can look at some numbers and see that something is terribly wrong, that is some serious trouble.

Take the October jobs report for the State of Washington. It tells us that 5,900 jobs were added. Sounds good, right? Or wrong, as the case may be.

A second look reveals that of the 5,900 jobs, 4,000 were in the public sector. To my number-challenged way of thinking, that burdens only 1,900 private sector employees with supporting 4,000 new government workers.

Isn’t it obvious that’s unsustainable?

Read a real analysis of the numbers from Evergreen Freedom Foundation.


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3 responses to “New Jobs Report Screams, “Unsustainable!”

  1. DCG

    WA ST is heading the route of CA w/Queen Christine in charge. The unions get rewarded for voting to increase govt and us taxpayers will be stuck w/the bill…sigh

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  3. KingstonJW

    Remember when the Democrats and other opponents called GWB’s arithmetic “fuzzy math?” Maybe this stuff should be called shovel ready math… bury it.

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