The Compassion Of The Left

I get tired of the liberals I know constantly bashing conservatives for not caring about people as much as they do. But it seems to me that some people might be better off without the kind of care that Seattle liberals give.

A citizen review last month recommended that the roving “Nickelsville” camp of about 100 people be placed in one spot on city land. The camp faces a deadline next week to leave its current location – a parking lot in the University District.

Yes, Seattle liberals want to show their care for the city’s homeless by giving them a campground to call their own where they can live with the bare minimum of amenities and permanently outside the mainstream of society.

Now that’s what I call compassion.


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3 responses to “The Compassion Of The Left

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  2. Greg

    I am often amazed at what liberals call compassion. It seems that they want to “handout” the bare minimum “compassion” and then expect those who receive such compassion to be content with what they receive. I prefer to help them by showing them a way to improve their conditions themselves while trying to provide what I can through donations to charity organizations that I support. Government compassion is an idea that doesn’t work and doesn’t really exist anyway.

  3. KingstonJW

    I’m guessing if I wanted to set up camp on city property, I’d have to file a proposal, buy a permit, pass a sanitary inspection, show them a property management plan, do an environmental impact statement, spend adequate time for community input that required hearings, plan for health permits to have food and cook on premises, plan for DSHS visits to ensure youngsters were properly supervised, and…. oh, heck HA HA HA… who am I kidding?

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