Mere Coincidence Or Something More?

Dori Monson wonders if it’s merely a coincidence that the accident report from Bill Gates, Sr.’s, August hit and run accident wasn’t made public until the day after the election.

That got me thinking so…I headed over to the local news rag, the Seattle Times, to check out their coverage, which was notably – but not surprisingly – missing in action until the story was broken by another news outlet, KIRO-TV.

What makes this story so interesting is that Mr. Gates the Elder was the public face for I-1098, the latest attempt to establish an income tax beachhead in Washington State. One wonders whether the press would have been so forgiving if it had been Tim Eyman involved in a hit and run in the weeks leading up to the election.


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3 responses to “Mere Coincidence Or Something More?

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  2. KingstonJW

    Oh heavens, nothing to wonder about there. Typical news outlets make it a point to check “police blotters” provided by law enforcement… so, either the Times’ law enforcement reporter should get disciplined for overlooking a high profile story, or the Times’ editor should get the sack.

    This is why print media is losing ground more and more every day.

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