Requiem For A Radio Station

Fisher Broadcasting announced today that effective Monday, November 8th, KVI will change its format from conservative talk radio to oldies music.

They were a pioneer of conservative talk radio when it was new and raw. Forgive me if I get all maudlin, but this feels like the death of an old friend. KVI, Kirby Wilbur, Michael Medved and John Carlson gave me a big political wake up call back in the early ’90s. I owe a lot to them; I was never liberal, but hearing their views helped me find my political voice. I tuned in quite a lot in those days. I’ll never forget my youngest daughter asking me one day in the car, “can’t we just listen to hot talk 570, KVI?” She was four years old.

So good luck with your new format, KVI, but for me, this is good-bye.


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3 responses to “Requiem For A Radio Station

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  2. KingstonJW

    yes, I will miss the local conservative talk show and remember the “good times” bumper to bumper on 405 having something informative to listen to.

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