When Racism Isn’t Racist At All

Perhaps the next time Gawker chooses to lecture on racism, a quick check on the meaning of “race” and “nationality” would be in order. Last time I checked, Germans, Russians, Greeks, Vikings and the French were all Caucasian. Some of these were categorized as not being racist, but for all the wrong reasons.

To their credit, they did correctly note “French isn’t a race, but it is a nationality,” leaving one to wonder why the French maid was included at all.

H/T Dan Collins


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3 responses to “When Racism Isn’t Racist At All

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  2. DCG

    I prefer to ignore anything coming from Gawker – nothing but a site to spew lies and hatred. Unqualified to get a real job, their bloggers pretend to be journalists but are just idiots!

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