Polls: Angle vs. Reid; Rossi vs. Murray

Just out of curiosity.


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5 responses to “Polls: Angle vs. Reid; Rossi vs. Murray

  1. Davidonkels

    Rossi rocked.
    My reply to Chuck Todd of MSNBC prompted him to watch. I’ll keep an eye out for comments tomorrow.

    (Way, way, too much media at my house!)

    TV, radio, multiple internet feeds on many subjects

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  3. DCG

    Patty Murray couldn’t win a debate with my 12 yo niece…nothing but rocks in her head!

    MM once interviewed her in the 90’s and Murray had no idea about payroll taxes…

  4. Nativegrl77

    I don’t know about anyone else but debates are just a fraction of what i use to make my choice of who to vote for. I have been following what the Republicans have been saying over the months or years -I have gone to YouTube to check out comments questions or behavior on the part of these candidates and what stands out for me is that they backtrack,lie and or ignore question -even choose to only be interviewed on one station -that is troubling and should give pause to anyone who doesn’t know who they will vote for-words matter, anyone practicing exclusion, targeting minorities and willing to throw fellow Americans under the bus to take back their America-(what does that mean)? are not worthy to hold Public office or seat in Congress. These positions of power calls for working for “We the People” not some or a select few -they say they want govt out of our lives yet when it comes to “social issues” they want to control All Americans -what happened to less govt? Republicans are for Profits before the People on steroids. They are into privatizing everything which will put our democracy at risk from the bottom up -the real world understands that the govt works for the people -Cops,Teachers,Emt,Firefighters! and shame on States that make people pay for such services. It makes you wonder about what these States did with the stimulus money targeted toward government programs – is there “a dirty little secret” in States that would let your house burn down if you have not paid up that is what will happened if Republicans repeal replace or eliminate -soc sec. and other governmental programs – behavior like this will hurt all of us.

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