Are We No Better Than Hothouse Flowers?

I know conservatives have an uneasy relationship with Dick Morris but there’s one thing I really like about him that I’m not seeing a lot of from inside the GOP. That one simple thing is…he’s not afraid to be big: to think big and believe big and talk big and act big.

He knows that by setting the bar high, you’ll achieve more than you would by “managing expectations.” Big thinkers sometimes fail to reach their goals, but where’s the harm in that? Are we so fragile that one setback leaves us crushed underfoot and unable to move forward?

Good things happen to and for big thinkers because they expect them to — so they’re always ready to take advantage when fate takes a turn in their direction. We need more big thinkers inside the RNC and the WSRP.


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2 responses to “Are We No Better Than Hothouse Flowers?

  1. Jim

    Great point.

    I’m not a big Morris fan but you’ve nailed one of the things I do like about him.

  2. Morris gives me the creeps, but you are right.

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