A Hundred-Year Flood?

Apparently it’s not just cock-eyed optimists like me who think Dino Rossi has an excellent shot at defeating Patty Murry. The Seattle Times reports that President Obama will be in Seattle next week to rally the faithful for the Senate’s “Second-Largest-Recipient-Of-Lobbyist-Cash” in Tennis Shoes.

All the Washington (D.C., that is) glitterati are pitching in to campaign for Murray: Vice President Joe Biden (twice!), Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton and now, the President himself. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand why – Patty Murray is a reliable vote for the far left, progressive agenda of President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, voting with her party 96% of the time and scoring an ACU rating of zero for 2009 (lifetime rating, 2.74).

One wonders if anyone in the White House realizes that the President isn’t really all that popular anymore…even in Metro Seattle. Heh. We can hope his efforts will be as helpful for Murray as they were for Martha Coakley.

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