My Bucket List Just Got Shorter

Receive personal e-mail from Michelle Obama

Hike the Grand Canyon

Balloon over the Serengeti

I mean, an e-mail from Michelle Obama has got to be at the top of everyone’s list, right? Who wouldn’t want to get a personal message like this from our First Lady?

Paula —

I’ve always said that 2008 was an amazing journey. But nothing from that election struck me more than seeing so many giving their time and lending their voices because they were ready for change.

Two years ago, in state after state — no matter where I went — I saw grandmothers out canvassing, college kids traveling to swing states and sleeping on gymnasium floors, and people using their lunch breaks to make a few more calls. So many got involved for the very first time, each one bringing others along with them.

It was inspiring to witness. (And made me proud for the first time ever!)

Now, Barack and I need you to help show that energy again. Because this is such a critical moment, a group of grassroots donors are ready to match any contribution you can give.

Across the country, teachers and firefighters, truckers and nurses (Well maybe not the actual teachers, firefighters, truckers and nurses but their unions have; isn’t that the same thing?) have made pledges of support hoping to inspire you to take the next step. Because of them, a $3 contribution will become $6.

Donate today and answer your fellow supporter’s pledge to match whatever you can give.

Here’s how it works:

— You choose the amount you are able to give and another supporter willing to match that amount doubles it.

— You can choose to write a note to the individual who matched your donation and tell them why you decided to own a piece of this movement. (Sucker! As if there’s an actual trucker sitting around waiting for a note from you!)

Since the day Barack announced his plan to run for office, supporters like you have made everything we’ve achieved possible.

That’s as true now as it was on Election Day in 2008.

You’re the reason we reformed a health care system that was broken (Even though you’re all too stupid to understand how good we are to you!), progress that means so much to so many. You’re the reason we reined in Wall Street banks that were out of control.

But Barack can’t keep making progress without strong allies in Congress. And now the same people who’ve opposed us at every turn are targeting the folks who voted to make change real. They think we can’t do it again.

But they’re wrong.

If the folks who I saw in 2008 — those of you who packed up your bags and slept on floors and made calls and talked to voters day after day — are ready to stand with us again, then I’m ready for any challenge that lies ahead.

That’s why we’re asking you to help grow this movement once again (Or, at the very least, keep it from fading away into oblivion).

The plan for this election is based on the lessons we learned two years ago. Our organizers and volunteers are knocking on doors every weekend, making calls every night. Your support will help to fund this work.

Another supporter is asking you to join them today — and has pledged to match whatever you can give.

Please donate $3 or more to help grow this movement before November 2nd:

Thank you,

Michelle Obama

I’m not sure how I got on so may liberal e-mail lists, but I’m not sorry; they’re a constant source of entertainment…when they’re not making me want to scratch out my own eyes.


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2 responses to “My Bucket List Just Got Shorter

  1. So, are you going to frame your keepsake? 😉


    • paulag1955

      Yes, but first I’ll have to print it out on archival quality paper and purchase a sterling silver frame!

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