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Familiarity Breeds Contempt

The Bill offers insurance and implies that having insurance means getting care.

People deliver care, not insurance policies.

Do you remember this?

Of course you do; who could forget Speaker Nancy Pelosi rather famously telling us Congress needed to pass the health care monstrosity so that we could, “uh, find out what [was] in it.”

I’ve got a bit of news for Nancy.

The more we find out about “what’s in the bill,” the less we like it. Over at The American Spectator, Dean Waldman asks if  someone will please kill Obamacare before it kills us.

We can hope.


Liberty Pundits:  Oh, about campaigning on ObamaCare…

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What’s The Matter With Yu?

A 15-year-old and two companions beat and steal the wallet of a beloved local figure who later dies of his injuries. There are witnesses, but no one will cooperate with the authorities. As a result, the 15-year-old is sentenced to 36 weeks of juvenile detention. A few months after his release, the now 16-year-old participates in another robbery plus beating. Thankfully the second victim survived.

Someone who has the sense with which they were born might think that the the teen should receive a longer sentence for his second offense, assuming that the first sentence wasn’t adequately instructional.

King County (Washington) Superior Court judge Mary Yu would beg to differ, feeling that a nearly identical sentence would, inexplicably, return a better result the second time around. This is the same Mary Yu who felt that a 6-month jail sentence, with a work release provision for school attendance, plus two years of her personal supervision were adequate punishment for a man who lured at least four teen girls to his home so his father could rape them.

What’s that definition of insanity again?

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