Chris Gregoire Steals A Play

Guest Blogger, Brittney Boop

Taking a cue from Washington DC, Governor Gregoire commented on a story that she hadn’t read or seen but rather had been briefed on.

King 5 news has been covering since March of this year different ways that there is waste in the Washington State Ferry System. In their series titled “Waste on the Water” they have covered such things as ferry workers getting paid to commute to work, approving their own unnecessary overtime, and the inflated salaries.

In this video, Governor Gregoire sits down with Susannah Frame from King 5 to discuss their reporting. Gregoire starts out the interview by saying, “I have not seen them.” Susannah then says, “Oh so you have not seen any of our stories” and the Governor shakes her head no.

This reminds me of another such video that I have seen recently… hmmm… if I could only remember… oh yes, here it is:

I feel like I am forgetting something… hmm… oh yes:

I don’t know about you, but I am getting a bit tired of politicians commenting on things that they haven’t read or viewed personally.

King 5 is doing the taxpayers of this state a favor by bringing to light waste and abused in the ferry system. The Governor should have come to this interview prepared. She should have at least watched the few 5-10 minute videos. It wouldn’t have taken her long at all, but she didn’t and instead she said she was briefed. Rather than addressing the waste that the reporter brought up, Gregoire instead asked if there was anything illegal that they uncovered. When Susannah said that the taxpayers don’t necessarily have illegality as a threshold but rather waste, Gregoire turned to her talking points about how much money the director of the ferry system and the head of the state department of transportation have saved. I don’t know about you but I am not buying it.

If you want to see all of the videos about the waste in the ferry system on King 5’s website.


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5 responses to “Chris Gregoire Steals A Play

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  2. RightThinkingWoman

    Unbelievable, but I guess not surprising. Gregoire and her ilk are always focused on how to get more money from us, so why would she even be aware of how poorly managed the revenue is….that’s money they’ve always taken from us, so who cares? Thanks for bringing this to light!

  3. DCG

    Getting paid to drive to the office? WHAT?

    The Gov is sooo condescending…she doesn’t care about any “inefficiencies”…how could the libs of this state have been so duped to vote for her again? Elections have consequences…

  4. Brittney Boop

    Update for all of you…

    There have been some policy changes made since Gregoire’s debacle. Check them out:

  5. DCG

    It took them over 50 years do create an overtime policy, and only because of this investigation? Don’t they have HR and legal departments that should have made sure this was in place? Absolutely disgusting how are tax dollars are wasted…

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