God Help Us

What college-educated marketing genius wrote this grammatical nightmare?

“Most rear-seat legroom than any compact crossover?” Really? I’m fervently hoping that no one was responsible for checking this…the alternative is that there are two college-educated marketing geniuses who can’t look at this and immediately see the error.

My fourth grade teacher is turning over in her grave.

And don’t get me started on putting a period at the end of a sentence fragment.


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6 responses to “God Help Us

  1. Dave

    In my case, the fourth grade teacher was Sister mary Xavier.

    Obama mangles the language with regularity. My favorite Obama phrase is, “…for someone who’s lost their job…”

    Your first sentence calls to mind a bit of usage that I dislike, which is the American habit of placing the punctuation inside the quotation marks. Brits do it outside, and that makes better sense to me.

  2. Jasper

    I fail to sea the problem; If they’re we’re other cars with most seating. Then I can sea an issue.

    LOL :p

  3. DCG

    Biden would approve…

  4. Dave

    I’m with Jasper: his comment is clearly the better of the three here.

    • paulag1955

      Oh, please…his head is already big enough without people saying things like that! ;o)

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