The DNC – Willing To Exploit Mom; Can Baseball And Apple Pie Be Far Behind?

You should donate to the DNC in honor of…your mother.

If you met my mom, you’d first realize how lucky I am, and then you’d see why I’m a Democrat. The lessons she stressed about the importance of fairness, honesty, and generosity made an impression early on — and they’re a big part of the reason why I’m working in politics today.

No matter how long the days get, I always try to call my mom every night as I’m leaving work. She never fails to tell me how proud she is and — though she thinks I could use a bit more sleep — she knows the importance of our work. I know I’m carrying on the many lessons she has taught me by fighting alongside all of you every day.

So in honor of Mother’s Day, I want to take a moment to make a special request. Can you help us fight for the values your mom taught you?

Donate $25 and we’ll send you a gift you can share with someone who inspires you.

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Every day, I try to live up to the example both of my parents have set for me. Their values are the ones I bring to this job, and they are why I’m proud to be a Democrat.

As a party, the tough battles we’ve taken up — health care reform, Wall Street reform, creating a clean-energy economy, and so much more — are a reflection of our beliefs. But we can’t win the fights for what we value without your support.

Make a donation right now to receive your gift and help our work succeed:



Jen O’Malley Dillon
Executive Director
Democratic National Committee

I don’t know about your mom, but when my mom talked about fairness, it didn’t meant guaranteeing the same result, it meant giving everyone the same chance; when she talked about honesty, it didn’t mean saying something would cost less if you knew it would cost more; and when she talked about generosity, it didn’t mean forcing people to “share” the fruits of their labors by bringing the force of the U.S. government to bear.

But that was just my mother.


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2 responses to “The DNC – Willing To Exploit Mom; Can Baseball And Apple Pie Be Far Behind?

  1. Angie

    Amen sister! And when Mom taught me about fairness, it also meant that I had responsibility for myself and not to leave messes for others to clean up.

  2. DCG

    What, the dems exploiting something for their benefit? Say it isn’t so! /sarc

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