Strange Bedfellows

Politics makes strange bedfellows and none so strange as that on display in I-1077’s alliance between Bill Gates, Sr., and self-avowed socialist, Lonnie Lopez. For those of you who don’t know, I-1077 would “tax adjusted gross income above $400,000 joint ($200,000 individual), reduce the state property tax levy, reduce certain business and occupation taxes, and direct any increased revenues to education and health.”

While Gates is probably best know as the father of one of the most successful men ever to profit from the free market system, Lopez says this about himself at MySpace:

I am a socialist and a literary theorist and critic. I have a BA degree in English from California State University Bakersfield that, of course, I’ve never applied to my work life. I’m a member of the International Socialist Organization….

As ironic/troubling/confusing as that association may be, if you’re wondering who’s really pulling the strings, it’s possibly more illuminating to look at the leadership of “Washingtonians for Education, Health and Tax Relief/Yes on 1077.” The committee is headed up by Kelly Evans. You may remember Evans as Christine Gregoire’s 2008 campaign manager, for starters, and treasurer Philip Lloyd has also served as treasurer at the Washington Leadership Council and The Legacy Fund. The latter, especially, demonstrates strong ties to labor and Washington State’s Democrat establishment.

This is just a teaser; Olympia Newswire does a thorough job exploring behind the scenes. It’s safe to say that I-1077 has the fingerprints of some of Washington’s most prominent Democrat operatives all over it and what’s up with that, really? Isn’t $800 million in new taxes enough for them? If not, what will be enough? Is the next step to have our paychecks direct deposited into the General Fund?

And if the Democrats wanted to add an income tax, what was stopping them from passing it during the legislative session? Lack of political courage might be one way of saying it, but I could say it another way if I didn’t mind being indelicate.

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