Out Of This World

Dan Riehl wonders if today’s Democrat leaders might not be psychotic. He makes a good case for it and I’ll admit to having wondered myself, over the course of the last year, if they were delusional to the point where a prolonged vacation at Shady Acres “for their own protection” would be a prudent course of action.

Free Botox for all!

Still, I find myself leaning to the “alternate universe” theory. In this theory, an anomaly in the space-time continuum has caused our Democrat leaders to be replaced with their counterparts from an alternate universe where Capitalism is a failed experiment and Socialism a proven winner. Every person on the face of Alternate-Earth has access to the best health care ever and there’s a unicorn in every garage! Oh, and Botox is free! Doesn’t that explain so much?

Update 1: And doesn’t this just make you take my theory a little more seriously? (H/T @brooksbayne)

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