Teflon, Baby!

I just finished reading this piece over at Big Government about the smear campaign the left is running against the Tea Party movement.

The Left is escalating their attacks against Republicans, conservatives and the Tea Party movement. The movement that the Left and the media have laughed off for over a year now as a radical fringe of racists, bigots, homophobes, and domestic terrorists has come to pose a serious threat to the entitlement establishment and to the agenda that the Democrats promised their base. Now, they’re lashing out. They’re fabricating stories which are later disavowed. There is talk of infiltrating upcoming events. Attacks on organizations and individuals have increased.

The left tries to destroy that which it fears* and they’ve been working busily to destroy the tea party movement for the past year.

Maybe they should try harder because the remarkable truth is that, despite the constant barrage of bad press, insults and raunchy humor, Americans don’t have an overwhelmingly negative opinion of the tea party movement.

48% of voters say the tea party movement reflects their view on issues compared to 44% who say President Obama’s views are closer to their own.

47% say their views are closer to those of the tea party movement compared to just 26% who would say the same about Congress. As a bonus, the same poll shows that 52% of voters think the tea partiers have a better understanding of the issues than Congress. So much for trying to portray them as ignorant rednecks.

And what about the political party most closely associated with the tea party movement, the Republicans? Oh, yeah. Rasmussen’s latest shows them outpolling the Democrats on every issue but one…and that one is within the margin of error

I don’t mean to say that the negativity hasn’t had an effect – I’m sure that given neutral coverage, favorables would be even higher – but it appears that not all of the mud is sticking. Tea Partiers and other conservatives should take heart in the fact that American’s credulity can be pushed too far and eventually the left will cry raaacist!, er, wolf one too many times.

*If you have any doubts about that, take a moment to refresh your memory about the vile treatment conservative women can expect from the left if they’re so bold as to speak out. I always wonder if the left fears conservative women more than conservative men, if they think women will be easier to intimidate into silence or if they just capitalize on convenient misogynistic trends in pop culture.


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3 responses to “Teflon, Baby!

  1. politicaljules

    Awesome! Thanks for the uplift. Sometimes all the beatdowns from the left can get depressing. It is good to hear good news for a change!

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  3. DCG

    The left are playing Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals because they are running scared. Bring it on!

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