Rolling Out The Red Carpet For Harry Reid

Beleaguered Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, was in Seattle on Friday, April 9th, for a fund raising event.  Apparently he can’ suck enough campaign cash out of his own constituents and has to come hat-in-hand to Washington to suck cash out of Patty Murray’s.

The tab is $2,400 to be a “host” and $1,000 to be a guest at the event, officially sponsored by Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash.

Reid and Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., are both members of the Senate’s Democratic leadership, and both up for reelection this fall. Murray is, however, stressing the work she does in this Washington.

“Maria is hosting the event: I know I will be in Spokane,” Murray said on Tuesday.

I thought it was kind of odd that Reid would hold a fund raiser in Washington, when Patty Murray’s re-election may not be the shoo-in she was surely expecting. I know her comment sounded just a little snippy, and why not? Every dollar donated to Harry Reid is a dollar that can’t be donated to Patty Murray.

Did they roll out the red carpet and give Harry the key to the city?


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3 responses to “Rolling Out The Red Carpet For Harry Reid

  1. Give him a key? Well, I suppose he’ll need a new home after 2010.

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  3. hargoosh

    Everyone down here in Nevada is ready to kick Harry Reid OUT of office, No REAL Patriotic American would support Harry Reid. He is a loser and is about to get booted out of office by the constituents he refused to listen to on HCR this summer, We are mad as Hell, he is soon to find out.
    Good bye Harry

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