Democrats New Campaign Strategy Is A Sure Winner

Democrats are unveiling new strategy of campaigning against potential challengers rather than actual candidates. You can hardly blame them; they haven’t had that much success lately against real candidates in places like New Jersey, Virginia and Massachusetts. Apparently they’re afraid the trend could continue in Washington.

Witness the DSCC’s new website spoof, Dirty Deals Dino. Recent polls have shown Rossi holding a narrow lead over Murray in a hypothetical matchup and the DSCC appears rattled. For his part, Rossi denies the allegations and has asked the Murray to call off  her dogs.

And a second spoof campaign website, Rob McKenna for Governor, paid for by the Washington Democratic Central Committee.* I’m guessing this one is for the benefit of Jay Inslee; surely Her Royal Highness Christine Gregoire wouldn’t be so foolish as to run again, with approval numbers in the 30s. Then again, taking her math skills into account, maybe she would.

I’m not saying that Rossi won’t run; personally I think the chance of him entering the race is better than 50/50. Likewise, it’s no secret that Rob McKenna would like to be governor but what’s the rush? Yo, Democrats, feeling a little jumpy? I mean, Washington won’t elect a new governor until 2012!

I think that by jumping the gun on the attack websites the Democrats may have revealed a little more than they intended about how vulnerable they’re feeling. It’s time for Republicans to press their advantage.

Update 1: Pudge at Sound Politics has some thoughts on this issue.

*Return with me now to the days of yesteryear, when the Soviet Union was a world superpower and central planning reigned supreme.

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