A Couple of Questions For Harry Reid

I found this over at The Other McCain:

On Monday, the politically vulnerable Democratic majority leader of the Senate plans to hit the road from his hometown of Searchlight for a three-day bus tour of the state he has represented in the Senate since 1986.

“This bus tour is a great opportunity for me to visit and hear from people in communities I know and love across Nevada,” the 70-year-old Reid said in a statement. “I’m looking forward to discussing how we can put Nevadans back to work, ensure Nevada leads the nation in clean energy jobs, keep families in their homes, and make health insurance more affordable.”

Reid’s campaign is calling it his “Driving Nevada Forward” tour. When the wheels of his motorcoach begin rolling, he’ll have much at stake.

So my question for Harry is, why do you need to discuss how to “make health insurance more affordable?” Wasn’t that sort of the point of a year’s worth of arm twisting and backroom deals and political maneuvering? To pass legislation that was going to accomplish that? Are you saying this was only the beginning?

I hope Harry isn’t planning on saving me any more money because I’m not sure I could afford it.

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