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Haters On The Left

You may have heard that voice over actor Lance Baxter, also known as D.C. Douglas, lost his contract with Geico after leaving a voicemail for FreedomWorks in which he asked, “the percentage of people that are mentally retarded who are working for FreedomWorks and who are following it.”

Now some people on the left feel quite strongly about poor Mr. Baxter and his loss of prospects so they called FreedomWorks to voice their protests the best way they knew how.

Tabitha Hale was tasked with the pleasant job of sifting through the voice mails, and she kindly put together a video so we can better understand how the leftists think and just how hurt and upset they are by the injustice done to poor Mr. Baxter.

WARNING: Graphic language. This video is not for the faint-hearted or prudish.

In typical leftist fashion, rather than, you know, blaming his own bad behavior for the lost of his contract, Baxter blamed FreedomWorks – of course he did! – and also pretended to be oh-so-offended by the calls he received from “Dick Armey’s Army of Dicks.” Yeah. Like that’s not offensive but try not to be distracted by that bit of juvenile “humor,” which I’d expect from a 17 year old but not an adult.

Listen to the calls Baxter received and compare them to the calls received at FreedomWorks. I think you’ll notice that the voice mails in one of the videos are “a bit” more vulgar than those in the other.

(I’m not trying to excuse bad behavior on the right and any large movement will attract some people who would be better left at home.  Some of the signs depicted in the video are in very poor taste but others are clearly racist only if you view the world through black-and-white-colored glasses and others are clearly more bluster than threat. It’s also good to be aware that Obama isn’t the first U.S. President to be compared to Hitler. Some U.S. Presidents have even been protested with signs wishing for or even depicting their deaths! Imagine!)

Here’s a video portfolio of Lance Baxter’s work, just in case you’re in a position to help him out with some work. Or you want to boycott companies who work with him. Either one.

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In Which Patty Murray Speaks For Over 3 Minutes On Immigration Reform

And says absolutely nothing of substance. And to think that people say she’s empty-headed!


Blah, blah, blah, families, blah, blah, comprehensive immigration reform, blah blah.  Blah, blah, American dream, blah, comprehensive immigration reform, blah, blah agenda, blah, blah.  Blah, blah, Obama, blah, blah blah, comprehensive immigration reform, blah, blah, blah.  Dream Act, blah, blah, blah, families, blah, blah.  Blah, blah, blah, core values, blah blah, blah, comprehensive immigration reform now!

(Note: Comprehensive Immigration Reform is a concept that includes allowing people currently in the country illegally a fast track to legal status. Ahead of people who are playing by the rules. As in cutting to the head of the line.)


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Patty Hearts Wall Street

Nothing to see here...just move along now...

I know that’s not what she says, but how can you not love half a million dollars?

Of course, we already know Patty has a hard time keeping her words consistent with her actions and this is just one more example.

The Patty graphic is taken from the NSRC’s latest Web ad and if you have a look, you can see that Patty’s not the only Democrat who bad mouths Wall Street with one side of her mouth and asks for money with the other.

H/T Liberty Scout

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What’s So Special About Trilogy Interactive?

Since I chastised Patty Murray for hosting her campaign Web site out of state with Trilogy Interactive, I don’t think it would be fair to let Jay Inslee off the hook. True, his Web site is hosted with a Washington company, but that doesn’t mean that Trilogy hasn’t been getting their share of his campaign business.

More than their share…Inslee’s campaign paid out $6,125 to Trilogy during the first quarter of 2010, compared to $405 to Blue Utopia, his in-state web host.

What’s so special about Trilogy? Do they offer two-fer deals to far left extremists?

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James Watkins Speaks at Tea Party

James Watkins spoke at Everett’s Tax Day Tea Party. Watkins is running against far-left extremist Jay Inslee in WA-01.

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Strange Bedfellows

Politics makes strange bedfellows and none so strange as that on display in I-1077’s alliance between Bill Gates, Sr., and self-avowed socialist, Lonnie Lopez. For those of you who don’t know, I-1077 would “tax adjusted gross income above $400,000 joint ($200,000 individual), reduce the state property tax levy, reduce certain business and occupation taxes, and direct any increased revenues to education and health.”

While Gates is probably best know as the father of one of the most successful men ever to profit from the free market system, Lopez says this about himself at MySpace:

I am a socialist and a literary theorist and critic. I have a BA degree in English from California State University Bakersfield that, of course, I’ve never applied to my work life. I’m a member of the International Socialist Organization….

As ironic/troubling/confusing as that association may be, if you’re wondering who’s really pulling the strings, it’s possibly more illuminating to look at the leadership of “Washingtonians for Education, Health and Tax Relief/Yes on 1077.” The committee is headed up by Kelly Evans. You may remember Evans as Christine Gregoire’s 2008 campaign manager, for starters, and treasurer Philip Lloyd has also served as treasurer at the Washington Leadership Council and The Legacy Fund. The latter, especially, demonstrates strong ties to labor and Washington State’s Democrat establishment.

This is just a teaser; Olympia Newswire does a thorough job exploring behind the scenes. It’s safe to say that I-1077 has the fingerprints of some of Washington’s most prominent Democrat operatives all over it and what’s up with that, really? Isn’t $800 million in new taxes enough for them? If not, what will be enough? Is the next step to have our paychecks direct deposited into the General Fund?

And if the Democrats wanted to add an income tax, what was stopping them from passing it during the legislative session? Lack of political courage might be one way of saying it, but I could say it another way if I didn’t mind being indelicate.

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Speaking Out Against Charges Of Racism

“This movement isn’t just about taxes and it has nothing to do with the color of the President’s skin. It is about returning this country to the principles of limited government, free markets and individual rights that our Founding Fathers intended.”

Jennifer Burke speaking at Seattle's 2010 Tax Day Tea Party

Jennifer Burke is the wife of Matthew Burke, candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington’s 1st district. She is the youngest of 6 from a working class family. She is originally from the great state of Texas. A graduate of Texas A&M University, she has a degree in Psychology and has lifetime teacher certification in Texas. Jennifer taught Math, History and Speech Communications to 5th through 8th graders for 11 years. She is mom to 3 kids and 4 dogs.

She’s also a newly minted Tea Party activist. Recently, Jennifer had this to say about charges that the Tea Party movement is racist.

“The Tea Party movement has been wrongly and unfairly characterized as a racist movement. As evidence of this, detractors of the movement like to point out that there are very few people of color involved in Tea Party activities. I believe that the reason there are not many people of color in the movement is due to a misunderstanding of what the movement represents. I also believe that minority groups have been taken in by the distortions and misrepresentations that are reported in the media and disseminated by a Democratic Party that is feeling very threatened.

This movement isn’t just about taxes and it has nothing to do with the color of the President’s skin. It is about returning this country to the principles of limited government, free markets and individual rights (granted by God, not the government) that our Founding Fathers intended.

I was drawn to the Tea Party Movement as I watched the core integrity of my country being pulled away at a rapid rate. Granted, we had been on a slippery slope for quite some time, but 2009 was a full speed, head on attack on the principles, values, history, and citizens of this country. On election night, I was astounded that so many Americans fell for the picture the media painted of Obama as a centrist. I paid attention to the truths that came out about his background and affiliations. When looking at what he stood for, his voting record as a Senator, things he’d said, and what he’d done in the past, I knew he was not a centrist, but rather a radical leftist. It disappointed me greatly when I heard people speak about how the election of Obama was a realization of the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. My belief is that his election was quite the opposite; contrary to the vision of Dr. King. If America truly judged this man by the content of his character and not the color of his skin, then all controversies surrounding his past would not have been denounced as racist. Nearly every argument against him both during the campaign and since the election have been denounced as racist. There is a movement to silence the voice of the people by defaming them.

The Democratic policies to expand the welfare state and grow government do not help. It simply keeps people stuck in a place in which many can no longer see their way out. When you have generational welfare with even the youngest believing that is their lot in life, a thought process that I worked hard to counter in my years as a teacher, then there is a problem. Couple those policies with their constant use of class warfare and race baiting and you have not a party or President seeking bi-partisan solutions in an attempt to bring the country together, but a party and President seeking to pit Americans against each other using clearly partisan tactics.

I felt that I had to address these attacks on the Tea Party movement. To ignore their attacks would simply help perpetuate their stereotype and allow them to silence and shame us into submission. The fact that there have been many vocally criticizing this attack on the Tea Party movement as itself being racist has caused the left to pivot and search for yet another claim to make. Now, the attack being made is that this movement is one of sedition. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of sedition is incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority. If it is seditious to expect that our government leaders will follow the Constitution, then we have a problem here in America. Contrary to what many, including our president, would like you to believe, the Constitution is not a ‘living and breathing document.’ That idea is being pushed for the sole purpose of transforming this country into a place that is completely counter to what the Founding Fathers intended. The people that came before us did not go through everything they did for us to slip quietly into the night and become another European society.”

To for more information about Matthew Burke, visit his campaign Web site.


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