No. Safe. Dems.

None at all.

Congressman Jay Inslee won re-election in 2008 with 68% of the vote. It looks as though he won’t be having such an easy time of it in 2010. A poll of WA-01 released yesterday by James Watkins’ campaign shows Inslee to be more vulnerable than this WA-01 resident had previously had the audacity to hope.

You may remember me wondering back in August how Inslee has managed to pass himself off as a moderate. The answer is that he apparently hasn’t had to do anything; his constituents don’t have any idea what he’s been doing back in D.C. Of course that’s just the sort of complacency that got us to where we’re at today but the upside is that it also means that there’s the potential to change people’s minds. With 2/3 of district residents describing themselves as fiscal conservatives, Inslee’s own record is going to be a powerful tool.

Update 1: More from Liz Mair.


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6 responses to “No. Safe. Dems.

  1. The demonrats need to go…all of them.

  2. I sure hope he’s as vulnerable as the poll suggests. The more Democrats that lose this November, the better.

  3. Inside the heart-of-hearts of every “Democrat” lies a Statist bully. Trust none of them. It’s time for both houses of Congress to be %100 Republican/Indepenant/Libertarian. NEVER VOTE FOR A DEMOCRAT. They are nothing more than 5th Columnists. THE LOT OF THEM. Let’s bury this pathetic party in November!

  4. DCG

    Inslee is my rep and I’m fully aware of what he’s been doing. His time is over…

  5. there are some safe dems, well the Charley Rangles of the world (more reason the GOP needs to take back American Cities (we call can’t hide in the Suburbs) however every Senate set is in play (accept in New York due to our toothless GOP)

  6. Wouldn’t it be cool to see Washington State send conservatives to congress? Pigs might fly when that happens but just think how much easier it would be to deliver bacon!

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